::About RPs with me::

• Don't PM me asking what roles/scenarios I like; I don't like to pre-determine everything OOC. This includes messaging me asking if I want to RP in the first place.
Current RPC
• I like long term RP relationships. Guys only-- sorry ladies!
• I'm submissive; I do have limits and kinks; explore them in character!
• My genres of choice are romance, horror, dark fantasy, and slice-of-life.
• My post length is best classified as semi-para; I like to provide just enough key detail, I don't write novels.

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{ Raven }; 21, Female, ♊/♋ cusp.
Taken IRL & finally happy.

My username is pronounced
" peh-wóhk "
& it's the word 'boned'
flipped upside down.

I'm primarily a water element.
I love to swim and be in or around water.

I love poetry and lyrics,
so I post them all over.

My favourite animals include
dogs, goats, and snakes.

I'm a Slytherin.

I like shades of purple and blue,
and light greens.

I love robots.

Otaku, geek, nerd, etc.
[ Anime ] x [ Figures ]

I'm obsessed with Monster High.
I've seen all the movies
and I collect the dolls.

I love horror movies;
Freddy > Jason

[ World of Warcraft ]
Sylvanas fangirl // Forsaken lore nut.