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Raven; 21, Female, ♊/♋ cusp.
Taken IRL & finally happy.

My username is pronounced
" peh-wóhk "
& it's the word 'boned'
flipped upside down.

My catch phrases include:
- oh my void
- holy rabies
- what the bjork
- for the love of Hades

I'm a total sucker for Silent Hill.

I love poetry and lyrics,
so I post them all over.

Dogs & goats~ <3

I'm a Slytherin.

My favourite colours
are royal purple and,
obviously, black.

Otaku, geek, nerd, etc.
[ Anime ] x [ Figures ]

I heart fanservice.

I'm obsessed with Monster High.
I've seen all the movies
and I collect the dolls.

Movies; mostly horror.
Freddy > Jason

[ World of Warcraft ]

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