I'm a guy in my early 30's. I'm from Sweden.

I like fast music like techno, hardstyle and pop.

I study at the university. I love math! My weakest subject in school was art.

I'm interested in many subjects. Geography, history, environmental issues, political issues, mathematics. Most nature sciences and social sciences are fine. I'm interested in artistic subjects too, but not very good at them!

I have PTSD since a traumatic event in 2003. I've mostly recovered but it's certainly changed the course of my life.

See you!



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Petrograd's Journal

Warning: Some posts have been written when I have been feeling ill. Those have been colored white and marked with stars to show the warning level.

I haven't written anything serious in my journal for years. It's essentially inactive. I did however use my journal serious earlier, when I was suffering from PTSD and deep depression. As such, if you choose to read any old posts, be careful so th


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You have such an awesome avatar!

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Skype, huh? I may get signed up again.
I've only ever talked to one person on there.
And, feel free to drop me a line at any time.
I'll PM you my Facebook and if you have one and feel inclined, add me.

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Oh, it's no problem. If you need to rest feel free.
I'm 6 years older than you.

Yes, I'm the Gaian grandpa.

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2007 was the year.
I would love to be on a permanent cruise to Scandinavia.
I'd spend all my time in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Maybe Finland too.
But, I am old enough that learning new languages is tricky.

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Indeed, I'm from the USA. The state of Colorado in fact.
And my favorite kingdom isn't far from you: Denmark.
I know for a fact that your king (Carl XVI Gustaf) is a cousin to their royals.
My PTSD usually manifests itself in dreams, which sometimes interrupts my sleep and leaves me cranky.
But I don't have panic attacks in public any more, or else I avoid locations that might trigger it.
Oh and in an ironic turn of fate, my adoptive father is a Swedish-American (his father was pure Swede.)

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I did recognize the name Petrograd.
I like drawing airplanes and such.
...and I posted that because I wanted to help that person with her quest and,
(luckily) meet someone who might just be like me.

Sweden is my second favorite kingdom on Earth.

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I like your username, but also the fact you're from Sweden!
(One of my favorite countries...)
I too suffer from PTSD but unlike you, I'm terrible at math and good at art!
Well, I just stopped by for a visit. See you around. - R.

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Yes bor mitt i stan hehe smile jaså! Min pojkvän bor i Tumba, det är bara någon station från Rönninge ^^ så kommer du från stockholm? smile

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Jaha okej! smile bor i stockholm ^^

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I see.

Some of those are fairly similar cultural aspects to what we have in Britain.

Thank you for sharing, that's very useful smile


People with or interested in PTSD are welcome to visit the PTSD support thread.
(There's also a PTSD support guild if you prefer that!)