I'm a guy in my early 30's. I'm from Sweden.

I like fast music like techno, hardstyle and pop.

I study at the university. I love math! My weakest subject in school was art.

I'm interested in many subjects. Geography, history, environmental issues, political issues, mathematics. Most nature sciences and social sciences are fine. I'm interested in artistic subjects too, but not very good at them!

I have PTSD since a traumatic event in 2003. I've mostly recovered but it's certainly changed the course of my life.

See you!



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Petrograd's Journal

Warning: Some posts have been written when I have been feeling ill. Those have been colored white and marked with stars to show the warning level.

I haven't written anything serious in my journal for years. It's essentially inactive. I did however use my journal serious earlier, when I was suffering from PTSD and deep depression. As such, if you choose to read any old posts, be careful so th


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Science fiction, fantasy, and the like. I am in training to work in the video game industry here in Washington state. and yes, I plan on making it a living. I have enjoyed playing games for a long time, and I found I have a talent for writing. so I figured, what the heck, ya kknow. although right now, the heat from the muggy summer is killing me

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resort world, I think... I am doing okay, just trying my hand at story writing, trying to see if that is a possible career choice

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sup? long time no talk

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Hi how are you?

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Hey sorry havent responded in a while Ive been busy with work. Anyways, yes I vaguely remember learning about Swedens history back in high school. It doesnt surprise me it used to be a violent country.

Well thank you! smile life will be a miserable place if you cant enjoy the work you do. I think Im lucky I will be working in a field I enjoy learning about and improving on.

And really? Thats cool. What kind of internship are you taking? And Im in my last year of community college two year school) so this summer will be my last semester if I can find an internship and then ill be done which is exciting!!!

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Wow it amazes me how someone who doesn't live here knows more about America then I can remember! lol children here grow up learning about America's history, but once we are older and get busy with life we tend to forget! But yes everything you said about Virginia is true!

well my "easter break" was last month so unfortunately I don't have much time to look through our family information to find out anything. I will def have to do it sometime though because I think its kind of cool to know about my family background.

Ah okay. Yeah no I don't have any family members that are deaf or hard of hearing, but in high school I took American Sign language as a language and fell in love with it. Plus we had deaf students in the class so it was fun watching the interpreter interpret and that's what sparked my interest. Plus I love learning about different cultures and things.

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Do you know much about Virginia? Yeah Im not great with cities either! Lol too many to name!

Yeah Minnesota was a popular place back then. Im not sure which year my ancestors moved here... My grandparents made this book this photos and information about y relatives and ancestors, but I havent really had the chance to look at it. Guess cuz I was always too young to care until now.

And wow dude thats soo dreaming cool! Ive never seen any other form of sign language other than American. I am studying to become an interpreter so thats why I have that video up. Sign language is a HUGE part of my life!!! L

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Yes I do live in America. I have lived here all of my life so I am a native here. I live in a state called Virginia it is about 30 minutes away depending on traffic) from our Nations Capitol Washington D.C. Which is where the president of the U.S. lives.

My grandparents are both Swedish their family migrated here from Sweden and established their lives in Minnesota which is where many Swedish families live. But that is cool that youre entire family is Swedish! Lol

Hope you had a good day/night. I just got home from work and Im exhausted!!! Lol

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Hope you dont mind I decided to comment on here and say hi. So were born in Sweden or grew up there? Thats pretty cool not matter what. Im American but my ancestors came from Sweden and my last name is Swedish.

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You have such an awesome avatar!


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