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My name is Emma, I'm 17 years young.
I live in Sweden and love to read.
I'm an Atheist, I don't mind religious people as long as they dont try anything.
My birthday is the 15th of August.
I have a Social phobia, Avoidant Personality Disorder and a little bit of an eating disorder (can't eat in public if im alone).
I'm in 11th grade, currently studying Information & Media Technology at John Bauer in Örebro.
I have an obsession for cute things.
I'm a bibliophile, meaning, I love to read, admire and collect books.
I store my books stacked against my wall because I don't own any bookshelf.
I always carry a book with me whenever I go out, doesn't matter where I'm going, the book's coming with me.
I'm currently playing League of Legends (EU West), TERA (Celestial Hills) & Habbo (believe it or not).
I'm a big fan of the Garage/Ambient/Chillstep/Drum'n'Bass genre in music.
You can often find me in fishing, I fish in all lakes.
Please bear with me when I deny/ignore any compliments coming my way, I'm not doing it to hurt, that's just the way I am.

I like clothes with lace, my wardrobe is very white and I don't think I own a single pair of real jeans (got a pair of jeggings tho). I love pretty skirts and dresses, I wear dresses even when it's winter and snowing.
I'm extremely scared of spiders, but I just can't help but stare at them everytime I see them.

I love cute and adorable things, like giraffes.
I like to crochet amigurumis (they're small crocheted plushies).
I'm a crybaby, I cry easily and often.
I dream of becoming a web developer and to own several Chanel bags.
I have my future planned out in detail.

I love violins, I used to play the violin when I was 9-10 years old, I quit tho, which I regret.
I am currently looking for a violin teacher so that I can re-take my classes and start over again, seriously this time.
John Green is my favourite author.



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Fishing Milestones

March 2014:
First bronze trophy in Gambino
(9th place)

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