I never understood
why women like cats so much.
Being a woman I like them too,
then I started thinking about it:

Cats are independent, they don't listen,
they don't come in when you call,
they like to stay out all night,
and when they're home they like to
be left alone and sleep all day.

And now I wonder why I like men...


It was in that hour, a moment of time.
Already I knew what you had to say.
What you gave me...
It was the end of us.

I know that with her you'll be free.
you'll feel more, and have more,
and you'll be able to sing more.

Though I'm hurt it isn't enough
To bring you back.
I gave you all of me...
What happened?
I guess it doesn't matter, because
You are taking my heart with you anyway.

A love for always
Lasts only an instant.

I remember so much and it
Disappears in you.

Our dream remains a story of love,
And it is the end of me.

The city I thought of myself as being
is full of tears and flooding.
I feel my heart suffocating
While you're with her.

My love for you still hasn't died.
But you never lost, so you wouldn't know.
I feel my heart die every day,
A fire raging within me.

I know that I should be happy for you.
But, it's all a lie.
Because I want what
Memory's of you to remain with me,
And yet I must push them away.

A love for always
Lasts only an instant.

I remember so much
That disappears in you.

That dream remains a story of love.
And I see no end.
You had to go, I know you did.

A love for always
Lasts only an instant.

I remember so much.

All of myself disappeared in you.
And this lonely, silent moment remains.
Perhaps for only an instant I'll remember you and cry.
For the end is far, far away
From me...


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Report | 07/01/2014 6:34 am


Hey! *hugs* How is one of my favorite fellow Bartonites? ^^
Desolas Archlight

Report | 01/01/2013 11:34 pm

Desolas Archlight

to answer your question spell check and asking people what words are helps alot thanks for publicly embarrassing me great job
Heavens Darkest Angel

Report | 12/03/2012 3:44 pm

Heavens Darkest Angel

No worries, that happens sometimes. THat sounds like a plan, we'll brainstorm when things slow down a little for you then?
Heavens Darkest Angel

Report | 11/18/2012 3:06 pm

Heavens Darkest Angel

Remember me? I was wondering if you wanted to start another RP or continue the one we had going sometime. You just sort of disappeared so I'm not sure what happened. Let me know if you want.
Desolas Archlight

Report | 11/14/2012 11:41 pm

Desolas Archlight

i think its cuz of my heart. its not a large amount of blood. its all part of having a heart problem u learn to expect things of this nature
Desolas Archlight

Report | 11/14/2012 10:40 pm

Desolas Archlight

yea i couldnt make it to the doc and i called out of work tonight
Desolas Archlight

Report | 11/14/2012 9:49 pm

Desolas Archlight

when im not pukeing blood and can actually focus on it maybe
Desolas Archlight

Report | 11/14/2012 9:22 pm

Desolas Archlight

because that group was made almost two years ago

Report | 09/01/2012 7:16 pm


rofl Its kool.

Yea, working towards my master of library science. I'm mostly enjoying it. One class is giving me some trouble.

Report | 09/01/2012 7:06 pm


Started grad school. Its keepin' me busy. ><
But I'm pretty excited about it too.


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