Once the threads of fate have been tangled,
they cannot be undone.

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Poem I wrote for White Knight and Black Lace around V-Day.

White Knight,
I am human.
I cry, I bleed.
Both night and day have what I need.
I lean toward the dark, for when I hear the nightingale's hark,
Oh! How my heart does spark.
For I am Night owl at heart, waiting in the moon lit dark.

But oh how I wish to hear the morning lark!
No matter how hard I fight.
I still seem to need the light.
It's warm rays embrace me tight.
Warming my face.
Filling me with loving grace.

White Knight,
Black Lace,
For now we continue the race.
Oh how we await to know your face.
But for me, White Knight, I need a change of pace.
For so long have I worn black silk and red lace.

For a time I will don a lighter hue.
This is to show how highly I think of you.


I lick my lips,
You shudder twice,
Oh how sweetly I entice,
You want me, I know.
That is the game.
But first you must beg and say my name.
You can't wait, I know this to be true.
It's my sweet nectar you pursue.
Now on the floor our heads are swimming,
But oh, this is only the beginning.
I look into your glowing eyes,
As you reach the depths of my thighs.
A moan of love and passion is released,
In this moment we're given peace.
"Please don't stop," I whisper in your ear,
That this pleasure will end is my only fear.
As ecstasy is rocketing sky high,
We cling to one another, and I release a final sigh.
"Oh my Prince," I whisper one final time,
Oh I hope you have enjoyed my sinful rhyme.


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My name is Ashley. I love to draw, hang out with my fiance, listen to music (Frank Sinatra, Staind, Theory Of A Deadman, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Etc.), I absolutely LOVE video games, and now I love GaiaOnline. I'm so happy I found this place. ZoMG is awesome, and for the most part, the people here are awesome as well. I hope that we can get to know one another. See you around the site peoples! Have a wonderful day! blaugh

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Sataxia Report | 03/27/2012 7:27 pm
heya :>
gratz on ur marriage X>
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Rehab Rainbow
awww i miss you!!! hope you havea good life!!!
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Miss Bea Haven
crying I missed you go! I haven't been on in forever. Hope you have a wonderful life heart
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welp despite you leaving gaia i hope you and your husband enjoy everyday =) 3nodding
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S u f f u s i n g
Persiphonea gone :c

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