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Within the sea is where I dwell.
My color cold and grey.
I wait for victims, hidden well,
For the surface is where I prey.

Far below me, an endless pit.
Above me, little light.
This does not bother me, not one bit.
For I do not hunt by sight.

Below the surface I feel the sign,
Vibrations from above.
Still, I wait. Calm and benign.
For hunting prey, I love.

My mark attempts to pass me by.
This will not end so well.
I have forseen its feeble try
To pass me in its shell.

I breach the surface, loud as thunder
To deliver the killing blow
I wrap it tight and tear asunder
My victim was too slow.

To my delight I hear the cries
Of terror. Pain. Despair.
So I end them all, one by one.
This action seems most fair.

~Perpetual Indifference

Celldweller-Under My Feet


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Epic Fail

Stories that could change the way u think. Seriously.


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xXDaRk_AnGeLXx XD Report | 04/12/2014 7:40 pm
You get everything straightened out now or still working on things?
xXDaRk_AnGeLXx XD Report | 04/12/2014 5:08 pm
Precious Topaz Report | 09/21/2013 12:38 am
Precious Topaz
cool avi
Persecuted Hero Report | 09/16/2013 10:30 pm
Persecuted Hero
God Money, let's go dancing on the backs of the bruised
Persecuted Hero Report | 09/07/2013 9:28 pm
Persecuted Hero
I like the song on your profile, Senichi :3
Still, I'm so surprised :U
All of a sudden you're dressed like a king with Stoic Lost boy, and those wings :U
You're full of surprises, Sen-chan :U
Persecuted Hero Report | 09/07/2013 10:52 am
Persecuted Hero
Fight or flight or faint =O
Persecuted Hero Report | 09/06/2013 1:01 pm
Persecuted Hero
Jesus CHRIST, Senichi! 0.O;;
I never knew you were so rich 0.0;; *bows down*...
Persecuted Hero Report | 09/01/2013 9:13 pm
Persecuted Hero
I never do the song's lyrics in order! =O
It's not because I'm a noob to the songs, I swear =O
Persecuted Hero Report | 09/01/2013 8:59 pm
Persecuted Hero
Kneeling roses disappearing,
Into Moses' dry mouth,
Breaking into Fort Knox,
Stealing our intentions,
Hangars sitting dripped in oil,
Crying freedom!
Persecuted Hero Report | 09/01/2013 8:47 pm
Persecuted Hero
You depend on our protection, yet you feed us lies from the tablecloth!
La la la la la la la la la la...


Fight or flight. Those are your options.


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