"Hello people who've come by my beautiful little monster's profile.
I'm her sister, and currently editing her profile (steal it and I'll dance on the grave I'm putting you in). I'd ask her to come over here and write her 'about' but I'm impatient and I'd rather finish this thing right away.

Enough with that, while you're here, you might as well read about her and know a few things.

My sister is the sunshine in my life. She always tries to keep up a positive attitude and outlook on life. She gets frustrated and upset at times over some things, but she never lets her worries get the best of her.

She's freaking funny, she never fails to leave a smile on my face. When I'm somewhat unhappy and she doesn't know what to say or do, she will try and make me laugh, or hug me to death. Basically: she's got a very kind and big heart.

She's intelligent. (She'll probably laugh once she's read that statement but regardless of what she thinks, it's true) She always wants to learn new things, and actually attempts to learn what she wants to.

She's passionate. You can't help but get mesmerized by that light in her eyes and shine in her smile once she shares her passions with you. At least, I know I feel that way.

She's the most beautiful thing in my life, inside and out, and I know she's always going to be my bestfriend forever.

We're different from most siblings. Sure we fight, but there's more good than bad as opposed to many sisters we've come across- I actually like my own younger sibling. :')

Tl;dr: Julie is my sister, I'm writing her bio and editing her profile. She's the kindest and most thoughtful person I know. She's extraordinary, I love her, and you should probably read the above you lazy nugget.

Ciao, loves."