Bird noises

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Shrimp_Man Report | 01/03/2017 10:58 pm
Ooh thank you for the link. I don't know if I'll be able to support it, mainly because I don't really have a source of income, but I definitely want to check it out.
i wish pokemon was real Report | 12/26/2016 7:03 am
lol ahaha well i'm glad you liked it
tbh i overuse this shadow spirit base a lot lately xD
i feel kinda bad for doing that but it's such an amazzzingg item
`Hydro Report | 12/15/2016 12:45 pm
ahh I hope everything is okay o.0
Jisen Meizuki Report | 12/11/2016 10:10 am
New LQI, Hold Me, is out today... Betcha you want it white. ninja
`Hydro Report | 11/22/2016 7:05 pm
eek that's a lot of chocolate
`Hydro Report | 11/22/2016 3:45 pm
Chocolate making?

Can I come over for a few? rofl
Madam Ace Report | 11/21/2016 6:04 pm
I missed the first round of orders too because I was broke but now i have a job that pays well and been spending cash like no tomorrow sweatdrop

Buying doujin is great because you're directly supporting the artist. I'm hoping to fill on my shelves with entirely fan made books one of these days
Madam Ace Report | 11/21/2016 5:55 pm
Bruh I just bought all three doujin from the same artist
Sir Dark Hat Report | 10/30/2016 12:29 pm
... Are there pictures? ninja
Sir Dark Hat Report | 10/29/2016 4:18 pm
Yes hello. I read "enchanted forest" and I am here to hear more details. emotion_dowant

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Sweet Dreams

arcane secret
Slash is Doctor Death
The Frogger
Cookies n Crim
Lazarus Larkin
Sleep Isabella
Shattered Spectrum
Anzelia La Belle
Teacup Ghost
Aradia Megido
Leica Kit
Bernardo Ortolani
Cain Tatsuhiko
Pengaana the Tiny Tengu

Mules are not for eating!

An amazing group of friends Gaia friends!

Crazy tengu lady :>

*Sigh* Husband of this crazy tengu

Don't mind me, I'm just the favorite mule