My Nephooo'♥

Steven Axel Reh Bean
He was born yesterday at 1:39p.m. at 7 pounds,13 ounces.<3 He was 21 inches long. He is such a cutie ! I am gonna have so much fun with him,he'll be my little cuddy buddy.I wouldn't trade him for anything ever[:

December 21, 2thousand'9

Never forgotten moments(:


GTFOutta here with that kidshit .

| Purple | Music | 8th grade | Family♥ |

My name's Leslie(:
Justin is my chaaank ;D<3
Stop hating .
California is my home.
February 6'th is the day to buy me something I'll like. Winter/Summer are my most enjoyed seasons.
My sister's are my heros<3
Music is my everyday thing, I couldn't live without it.
I have a cat named,Zero.
At first I might seem like a total Biiittcchh but when u get to know me I am a very unique person;]
Live the moments you can't put into words.