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You can call me Payo if you want. I'll write a bit about myself here if you'd like to know more. First off, my Birthday is on June 17th and I'm 16 years old. My favorite colors are orange and blue. I hate tomatoes. I'm currently learning German and Latin (which I'm awful at). I'm a fan of many video games. A few of my favorites are Professor Layton; 999 Zero Escape, and Phoenix Wright. My favorite shows are The Walking Dead, Orange is the new Black, Parks and Recreation, and Breaking Bad. I play a few different instruments, the Piano, Tenor and Bari Sax. I draw a bit too whenever I have the time. Thank you for reading! I'd be glad to chat so feel free to send me comments or PM's.

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Plastic Bonsai Report | 09/19/2014 5:37 pm
Thank you for buying!
Zachravel Report | 09/16/2014 7:33 pm
Thank you heart I had a great time 3nodding
reverti Report | 09/15/2014 2:23 am
; m ;
im wheezing because youre seriously one of my favorite wgers that i admire from afar. LOL
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(aw man i was like HRNGH GONNA MAKE A POORLY DRAWN HUG ATTACK PIC :''I but then SAI started acting so strange and im really sad T ^ T SOON.)
Tanuki the Pathfinder Report | 09/13/2014 7:13 pm
You could call me nuki cool
yep i was on team tanuki. it would've been ironic if i was on team kitsune :3c
reverti Report | 09/13/2014 5:25 pm
omg can i just say your avi is so cute and your signature art made me go "AAAHHH THATS SO PRECIOUS" ;___;
Shadow Belmonte Report | 09/13/2014 5:55 am
Good job on the artwork, I knew you were good at it~!
Jililar Report | 09/12/2014 8:33 pm
love the outfit. biggrin just wanted to let you know!
Tanuki the Pathfinder Report | 09/12/2014 7:49 pm
Grats for the runner up! cool
Babby Lookinn Finnee Report | 09/12/2014 2:36 pm
Thanks for buying!(:
The Edible Sock Report | 09/12/2014 7:01 am
your avi is so cute right now!