I honest can't stand Gaia much anymore. It got to the point where I made/am making my own avatar site with my friend. It's already up.

I would still love to chat with you all. And if you'd like to know more info, add me on any of the following:
Steam: LimeCrayon
Skype: PatchesVonGore (I'm on 24/7).

Please feel free to add me. I log in from time to time, but it's not as much as I used to. I'm sorry! I love you all!

Hello! <3 My name is Gloria, but you can call me Patches, or Lime. c:

I've been on Gaia since early '04, but my first account was hacked, and then my second, my old roommate used it without telling me to sell partially nude photos of herself for gold, so I got banned because of it. confused
Why gold? Doooon't ask me. I have no bloody clue, haha. I was really angry about it at the time, but I've gotten over it and haven't even seen her in a long time.

But what's done is done. So this is my third account on here. <3

● Nice people
● Old music
● Manners and politeness
● The colour purple~ It's my favourite colour. c:
● Grammar and spelling! It's magical.
● Little smiley faces. >w< <3
● Pancakes. I could live off of them. <3
● Belgian waffles, too.
● Video games
● My PS3
● Minecraft
● Probably a million other things.

● Rudeness- Jerks, asshats, supertrolls, etc.
● When the power goes out
● Walking in the rain with holes in my shoes
● Snow and the cold (I live in Canada v_v)
● Smoking, drinking, drugs (to each their own, I just don't like it)
● Being sick
● And more. >x<

From a random Gaian:

CoCo Dulces
She is not merely the Queen of Wealth! She is PatchesVonGore, Pronounced Pache Vaun Gore! Far more eloquent and classy than the common peasant of Gaia! With clothes that match if not exceed the artistic quality of Dernier Cre's Brenivin, (who does his best to strive to beat her) this saucy mouthed diva is the star of the Impresario du Symphonia Opera House!

The Sirens of the Sea wish they had voices as melodious as this Goddesses of Song, but tis only a dream of a dream for them. Whether you wish to be moved to tears or your heart uplifted from it's darkest depths, you could find no better solution than the woman who stands before you!

Also, I love meeting new people! :3 So comment, PM, anything! <3 I always reply.

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P.S. The Relinquished Dream is my amazing big brother. <3 Mess with him and I'll headbutt you like an angry mountain goat. ;c


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Crayons~ biggrin


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Happy birthday Patches

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It is one of the few passions I have, yes. whee I haven't played in quite a while but i do enjoy me some kilik from time to time heart do you enjoy it too? o.o

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Just got around to reading some of the post in the fourm I'm disappointed and saw yours. Then i was like omg she has a cool avi and then i proceeded to look at your profile >__< anyways love your profile! sorry for seeming stalkerish O__O
Herr Deutschland

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Herr Deutschland

I probably will join as soon as I get on my desktop! if you need any help with art or ideas, let me know, I do enjoy drawing. u vu
Herr Deutschland

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Herr Deutschland

You made your own avatar site? What's the link~?

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I'd say keeping with the comments is easier! Haha, and you see I'm terrible with prices >< Set a price?

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that confuses me lol.

I dont do art, but the time i tried to do an adventure time styled art for a friend. It took 4 hours almost.

Good luck for ur future selling. Im doing offers for gaia cash rn

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awww thanks love


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i will<3

and whats "not to long"? 10hrs, a day, or 5hrs?

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Oh my god your art is so cute I love it emotion_dowant
I so wanna buy some, you got commissions open?


I'm getting tired of Gaia.

I have my own avatar site with a friend, so it's where I spend most of my time anyways.

If you'd still like to find me, or ask me anything:
Skype: PatchesVonGore
DeviantArt: PatchesVonGore
Steam: LimeCrayon

If you don't have any of these, PM me. I'm on like, everything.
I still log in to check messages. Sorry everyone!