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Rory ♦ Male ♦ 20 ♦ Married ♦ Germany ♦ Deer ♦ Atheist

♦ ich haße nazis und Rassismus >:I

♦ No freebees or requests, I only do those for very close friends of mine, sorry. Also I don't really have the time to do them : /

♦ Du kannst auf Deutsch oder Englisch mit mir sprechen, aber Englisch ist meine Muttersprache. Ich bin kein Deutscher, ich bin Amerikaner. (sobs)

♦ I prefer to do commissions via Pay Pal or deviantART points, not gaia gold, I have little to no use for gaia gold, I need real money for my medical bills and school, not gaia gold, sorry. Dont think my parents pay for me, lol.

♦ I love my friends, family and fiancé more than anything, you guys keep me going :,)

♦ I'm in love with the UK and British accents, immitaions are unaccptable unless your RDJ. (I'm kidding)


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