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Awaken (Dethklok) - DEATH METAL

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Rory ♦ Male ♦ 20 ♦ Taken ♦ Germany ♦ Deer ♦ Atheist

♦ I hate nazis / homophobia / transphobia / non-binary gender discrimination / sexism / racism / hunting for sport / treating genders and sexual prefernces as cute little trends and not something serious / religious and non-religious discrimination.
♦ I am atheist, I do not believe in god or jesus. Please keep your religion to yourself, I respect your beliefs but I am not interested in becoming religious like you.
♦ I am not German(sadly), I only live in Germany and can speak German, my mother tongue is English though so naturally I am better with it.
♦ Yes I do digital art, no I will not do requests for you sorry, just please don't ask, I never really do free's not my thing. No I don't do comissions for Gaia Gold anymore I do commissions via Pay Pal or deviantART points whom I can convert into cash through Pay Pal. Yes my Gaia art shop is CLOSED permanently until further notice, maybe I'll have some specials. Who knows.
♦ Yes I rp, I DON'T do school-highschool / office-Work / Sporty rps I really am not fond of modern rps like those, I like fantasy, Scifi, horror and endtime/apocolyptic rps. Romance/sex based rps are boring I prefer
story over sex/romance I like romantic rps but not cluttered with just love and physical contact it gets boring when their is not story building up character realtionships etc.
♦ People often ask my sexual orientation, really I don't care, yes I am male, yes my fiancé is also male, but I really could care less what is in people's pants, I'm more focased on physical looks as in the face, the body weight, and personailty suting mine.


PastelDeer & Art © PastelDeer (ME)

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