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Report | 03/23/2015 10:17 pm


Hey! whee

Report | 03/08/2015 10:31 pm


I haven't a clue I was at carnival until 3:30 am I don't know how I even got online.

Report | 03/08/2015 3:41 am


gaia said I didn't deal with you. so I'll ask a different question. um I'm straight but I think men who prefer men could not be choosing that. what do you think?

Report | 03/07/2015 8:16 pm


I am though i'm avoiding the festival proper. It's still fun.

Report | 03/07/2015 7:42 pm


So how's your weekend? I'm just about to head out and celebrate what my town mistakenly calls mardi gras. though since we don't have many catholics here and the money goes to children's charities in the area it's pretty awesome.

Report | 02/28/2015 12:24 pm


<3 <3 <3 Sweetums. <3 <3 <3

Report | 02/26/2015 1:48 pm


that winky was not intentional I had only meant to do a close parenthesis.

Report | 02/26/2015 1:46 pm


Just saying you're doing it all wrong. If you want people to see gender and sexuality as a spectrum you have to include the whole spectrum. If you say "oh this event doesn't include the majority of people. Only us because we're not like you." you're failing badly at the education aspect. Either you're only there preaching to the choir which is not education or you're giving the opposition ammo to de-educate the people on the fence. (e.g. a child watching asks what the flags mean. Parent tells them. Child asks but what if you're a boy who likes girls or a girl who likes boys is there a flag for that. Parent doesn't have an answer or googles it and sees that grimy greyscale joke flag or worse answers back. Why yes that's the American Flag." wink To change minds you have to turn the perception of otherness into self identification. You know what I've seen change more people's attitudes about sexual and gender identity than anything else? Working and being neighbors with people of different sexuality and gender. Same with ethnicity religion/ irreligion etc. Never saw a person become more accepting of other people because they marched through the streets holding foreign flags and chanting. Just saying. I'm sure it's fun to be inside a group doing something like that but it's not educational to the outside unless they already accept the premise.

Report | 02/26/2015 2:51 am


Kind of like this one tbh.
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Report | 02/26/2015 2:41 am


So you're not allowed to be proud of yourself if you're in the majority? oh well.


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