I really only care about anime. I mean, there's other stuff, but I don't really care to divulge into that right now. So here's the anime I've watched and how I felt about it:

-Mekakucity Actors/Kagerou Project: Anime was meh, but manga/songs/light novels were awesome
-Durarara!: Awesome. Currently watching the second season (DRRR x2 Ten)
-Letter Bee: Not bad. I question why mailmen are basically the only form of military, but not bad. [Reading manga for this too]
-Mirai Nikki: Awesome <3
-Ika Musume!: ...Weird but entertaining. Haven't seen the second season, but I don't really plan on it.
-Pandora Hearts: I watched the anime, but lets not talk about that. The manga is phenomenal. Seriously. If you have watched the anime, but not read the manga, I'm ashamed of you. In fact, go read it now. GO.
-Fruits Basket: ........meh, manga was a lot better, but not my forte either way.
-Mononoke: Was pretty weird... But not bad, I guess.
-Hetalia: Pretty good. Especially liked Beautiful World
-Black Butler: Awesome. I particularly liked Book of Circus.
-Santa Company: Movie, but still was dumb imo
-Angel Beats: Not bad. I watched all of it in a day with no regrets, lol.
-Kokoro Connect: Shoujo is my guilty pleasure. Whatcha gonna do about it.
-Steins;Gate: LOVED IT
-Lots of Studio Ghibli movies. MAN I love them.
-Death Note: Awesome. Still wanted L to win, and I guess he did in a way, and I kind of dislike Light, but whatever. Great anime.
-Brynhildr Into Darkness: Still can't spell it, but it was pretty awesome.
-Sword Art Online: Pretty good. ALfheim Online part was a little meh, but Suguha gave me feels haha.
-PuPiPo! : ...I still don't know why I watched this. Too weird for me, haha.
-Tari Tari: Strange, shoujo, not bad. WEEN
Tokyo Ghoul: Amazing. AMAZING. This is probably among my favorites, if not at the top. Super feels-y in the second season, but amazing. Juzo was my favorite character (for every possible reason)
-Black Bullet: Was pretty good. I mean, the ending was meh, they could've ended a little better, but pretty awesome over all.
-No Game No Life: Really liked it, though thought the ending was a little... it needs a second season, haha.
-Akame Ga Kill: Started out REALLY slow, but after ep 5 (I think) it was pretty good. Had awesome action scenes.

So yeah. Still think I'm interesting? Great. Send me a message, maybe we'll be friends. Maybe not. I don't know.


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