I'm a socially awkward creep.
Who may or may not be standing right behind you right now.
Just kidding, I don't have the skill, time, or attention span (mainly attention span)
to figure out how to just magically appear behind whoever's reading
this whenever I want to.
I'm Paranormal Teddy.
My real name is... boring, don't worry about it, just call me Teddy. I have a lot of other nicknames too, so if you come up with anything feel free.
I also have a habit of handing out nicknames to people... sorry but it's gonna happen.
I REALLY like anime, so that's always a nice thing to open up conversations with around me.
(Cough if you couldn't tell by the profile Tokyo Ghoul is one of my favorites)
(I also like KagePro but the anime was so shitty... yeah.)
My two favorite bands are Spyair and ONE OK ROCK.
(contrary to popular belief, I am not a weeb, nor a japanophile. I just happen to really like those two bands who also just happen to be J-Pop, and anime is cool but I'd never want to live in an anime. That would be weird.)
I like videogames too. I'm a boss at Smash (I think), and Legend of Zelda and Kid Icarus are some of my other favorites.
(Also Final Fantasy; Crystal Chronicles, but I seriously doubt many other people played it...
if you did though awesome)
Eum.... I draw a fair bit, and I almost always do 'em for free, so if you needed a
drawing or something feel free to ask...
(totally not buying your friendship with drawings)
Other than that, I don't know what else to say, other than--
Oh, and I play CAH online a lot, but usually not under this username...
idk why I'm telling you this, I guess if anyone wants to play just ask.
(Spiritual_Kimchi is what I use most often)


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