Uh, hi. I probably do not know you. But this is my profile. Not sure how you got here, but okay. Well, I mean, unless I know you.

WARNING: Big friggin' wall of giant text incoming.

My name is... well, I don't exactly know you, do I? But my screen name is Paranormal Teddy. You are going to call me Teddy though. Certain people have certain privileges, and can call me other names (such as Soapy, Soap, or Para). But unless I have granted you those privileges, just stick with Teddy. Oh, and I'm female. Didn't think I'd have to add that on here, but apparently some people have confusion. So there it is.

Uh... likes and dislikes? Right. Well, my current obsession is about Mekakucity Actors (or Kagerou Project. Or even Kagerou Days/Daze). I talk about it. A lot. My favorite character is Konoha/Shintaro/Seto (I can't pick one!). I also like things like Harry Potter, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee), and role-playing. I am super addicted to Gaia, and am online almost every day. I watch a lot of Studio Ghibli movies, my favorite being Howl's Moving Castle.

I like getting art... I like dinosaurs. I draw a little bit myself... but only sometimes. I like playing RPG Maker games. My favorite is The Gray Garden. I also like Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, and Moonlight Ghost (FREAKING AKARI). My favorite color is bright yellow. I am very much so into Vocaloid.

I used to cuss a lot... but recently I've been able to tone it down. Yay for me. I am painfully honest, so I'll tell you what I think, even if it's kind of rude. I don't really sugar coat things, but that doesn't make me mean (does it?). I really like sleep, and usually complain about being tired. I try to keep my complaints about myself to myself though, so unless you ask...

I LIKE ANIME. YES. ANIME. My favorite as of recently is Mekakucity Actors. I've also watched Mirai Nikki, Steins; Gate, Durarara!, Pandora Hearts, Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee), Fruits Basket, and Sailor Moon. I'm currently reading Pandora Hearts, because the anime sucked, and I read Fruits Basket a while ago, again because the anime sucked. Durarara! is awesome, Mekakucity Actors is awesome. DBZ Abriged is hilarious.

So... yeah. That's me. Think I'm interesting? Fine. Start up a conversation. Get to know me. We might possible become friends. It's possible I won't like you. But don't send me random PM's. Think I'm a boring person? Fine, that's your opinion. But I'll have you know that you are one in zero others who think that. Hate me? Not surprised, and quite frankly unphased.

Gotten this far? Congrats. You've read to almost the bottom. Maybe you aren't worthless after all.

TL;DR: Go up and read it, you lazy ********]


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Adventures of Teddy!

The title is... misleading. These aren't actually MY adventures. (Well, there is one exception... split into three parts... I think you can figure it out.) These are mostly Fairy Tales, or how they happened in my books anyways.



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'Kay! I'll be sure to keep an on it~

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It'll be fun though! XP

How about Solar Illusion? Or Sun Cloning?

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I'll host some type of game or contest. XD

Anyway, does your character fight with any elemental attacks, or is this clone attack the only magical skill they have? If they had elemental attacks or an element, you could name the attack something like "The Art of Water Clones". I dunno.

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I can help. :3
I also have a question about the Vocaloid guild.
What are you planning on doing with it? I want to revive it, but I need your permission.

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Mainly browsing through the forums and looking for art/wanting to give it.
When are we going to open the art shop? I'm tired of waiting.
I've also created my own team of Sailor Senshi since I got bored.
The anime was terrible. They changed the art style and the voice acting.
Motoki Furuhata is voiced by the same guy who voice Kida Masomi and and Kano. XD
Enough of that rant, basically my Senshi fight to protect the animal kingdom. Don't ask where I got the idea; it just came to me, and I started designing Sailor Wolf yesterday.

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Can't do anything right now.
I'm making posting layouts for someone's quest thread, and I probably won't have the time while I'm away to finish it.
Also, the guy's paying me a pretty fair amount of gold.
I'm doing what I can.

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kyohei hyuuga

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kyohei hyuuga

Haha. I'll come by for a visit then rest. I had an all-nighter.
kyohei hyuuga

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kyohei hyuuga


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Thank you! emotion_kirakira


I like sleeping.