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"Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you."
Google > Find Chuck Norris > I'm Feeling Lucky

-I'm Paranormal Hoax. Real name, you ask? It's Gabriel, but I prefer Gaberz, Gaby or Gabs. :'3
-I'm 14, not young but not old. : P
-I am officially pet to msshy and little brother to Amaya Soma. :'D
-You'll either love me, or hate me. *shrugs* I probably wont care for the hate but I'll hug you lots for the love. <3
-I live in Puerto Rico, the so-called "Island of Enchantment". I'd like to disagree to that statement.
-I am currently taken, so don't go around asking me to b ur bf plzktnxbai.
-I tend to lurk, though I will post in threads that I might like. I've taken a big liking to the GeeCeeDee, however~
-I'm, as you can see, literate, random and quite the oddball. O: I tend to be quite nice and the like, though if I'm mad at you, I can get sort of cynical and sarcastic. I also have a tendency to be a worrywart, so yeah. D:
-Lastly, I'm online a lot for I really have no life... XD Oh what a failure I've become.
-For any other bit of info, just read Konata's Wiki page. :'D She's like my animu twin.

;;RP Info;;

PM me if you want to RP with me. :'3 I really don't mind any kind of RP, as long as if it has romanticness then it wont go past PG-13. o__O;;

Avvy Art

Well, here I shall put all avvy art made for me/made by me. :'3 With credit to whoever made them and a link to their shop if they have any.

Avvy Art Made For Me

So cute. <3 XD I love this one. Her shop.

Avvy Art Made By Me

I'd like to note that I'm still a beginner. : P

Getting better. :'3 And yes, I'll keep training with bust shots of my avvy. XD