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    i am happy, and sad, all at the same time.

    i love balloons and making wishes,
    hugging legs and chasing butterflies,
    gazing at the stars and waiting for 11:11 every day
    blowing dandelion trails, up into the cloud strewn sky
    waiting for the world to smile.

    my heart is filled with love and nostalgia
    and brief glimpses of tomorrow.

    i want to stand beside you one day,
    hold your hand as the snow falls softly around us,
    breathing in the soft muffled world as the dark
    clouds stream unreachable above.

    time is racing short and is again making fools of us,
    so, for today, let's just be happy.

    please, just don't leave me alone anymore.
    i want to be happy, with you.

Shiki The King
Lucifer the Reaper

oniisama~ <3

my best friend and
little sister <33

my partner in crime,
my darling reaper. <3