This is me:

This is who i am:

Danie, 30, Female.
I live in Germany.
I'm a Journaling-Junkie.
Eclectic Neo Pagan.
I am a huge Naruto Fan! And i luv Gaara! Believe it! xD <3
I fall in Love with fictional Characters easily.
I love Movies and Music.
My favourite Band is Linkin Park.
I'm into daily Journal writing.
I like to read Books.
I love writing Fanfiction.
Stephen King is my favourite Writer.
I'm sometimes a mean Person, but I can be nice when I want to be.
I don't like Hipsters and Goodpeople that show off what they're not.
My favourite thing to talk about are paranormal Activities & Mysterys.
I had a Homepage about Conspiracy Theories. (They blocked it!!) xD
I have to know the time 24/7.
Wannabes annoy me.
I like to dance randomly.
Halloween is my favourite Holiday! =D

My favourite Books are:
Wasted by Marya Hornbacher. Insomnia, The Shining, The Stand by Stephen King. The Spiral Dance by Starhawk. Solitary Witch by Silver RavenWolf. Harry Potter 1-7 by J. K. Rowling. ^-^

My favourite Animes are:

Naruto, Shingeki no Kyojin, Ao no Exorcist, My Little Sister can't be this cute, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Strawberry Panic!, Chu-Bra!, Death Note, DoReMi, Vampire Knight, Skip Beat!, Lady Oscar, Toradora, Sword Art Online, Mirai Nikki, Accel World

My favourite Mangas are:

Naruto, b*****d, Othello, Sailor Moon, Goth, Video Girl Ai, Love Hina,
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Kare Kano, Magic Knight Rayearth, Chirality,
Neon Genesis Evangelion, Angelic Layer, W Juliet, Kodomo no Jikan.

My favourite asian Dramas are:

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, Ouran High School Host Club, Hana Kimi (Taiwanese Version), Boys before Flowers (Japanese & korean Version), Full House, Attention Please, 1 Litre of Tears, 14 Sai no Hara, The Queens Classroom, Absolute Boyfriend, Nobuta wo Produce, Itazura Na Kiss, Kimi Wa Petto, LIFE, Tokyo Juliet, My Princess, Real Clothes, Lie to me, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Twinkle Twinkle, Skip Beat!, You're Beautiful (korean), Yellow Boots / Ice Adonis (korean),

I also like Asian Horror Movies, but that would be too much to write here. Because i already saw more than 500 that i liked.
But my Top 3 for all times are: D-Day, Loner and Freeze me. ^-^

290/ 1000

830/ 5000

3430/ 5000



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For some reason I was never scared of our stalker though,
he always felt like a really annoying family friend
yes, I love this time of year, it's definately my favorite holiday
Really Germany has no halloween? gonk
I'm glad you and your cousin can still celebrate in your own way, that sounds like fun. Are you gonna dress up too~?
Yeah Pneumonia plus asthma is really bad, my mom and my two brothers have alot of lung problems
I'm lucky that it skipped me, even though I Have alot of allergies, I wouldn't trade it for asthma.

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Report | 09/30/2015 6:49 pm


THats' fine, english can be a tough language definately xD I must say yours is pretty good in casual conversation
I'm really bad at other languages, so I took sign language in school and I've already forgotten it by now
Aw my cat does the same thing whee She follows me everywhere and whines if I close the door on her
I find that kind of sweet, it was harmless afterall xD I think more people have stalked others but haven't admitted it
My mom had a stalker for a couple years, he'd literally showed up at our house every single day, even if we told him not to come
They actually became friends though, and she made him do errands and yard work
He got more involved with drugs however, and broke in the house one night, I had to chase him out with a baseball bat and call the cops
He went missing after that and we never saw him again till this day a year later, Never found out what happened, called prisons and the coroner.
Oh, I've had pneumonia the last 3 weeks and wasn't improving much til recently. I'm glad I'm finally healing from it.

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aw thank you, its not very often I have people review my writing and I'm happy you liked it
I've always wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo but have always been too busy at the time or
not have a solid enough concept to write about. I love romance fics and angst~ I woudln't mind checking out your work sometime
I've written a little fanfiction but not much, I guess I'm a little shy when it comes to it xD I may try it more often
Yeah I feel the same way! I don't see the point in making something overly difficult to read, it makes basic ideas difficult to sift through
It actually happens alot in rp and it's just tedious to read. Ah so you're from Germany? My family's roots are from there
I agree, stalkers can be quite unnerving, the obsession and degrees in which they'll go to get close to their targets is fascinating
kinda reminds me of that movie M, too

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Report | 09/28/2015 6:52 pm


Yeah usually the book movies have a track record of being pretty disappointing.
there are some exceptions though, 1402 wasn't that bad
I still haven't finished the harry potter movies xD I didn't read the books though
Hmm as for authors, I do enjoy clive barker, douglas adams VC Andrews
I dunno I don't read too many series books, usually stand alones
I very much enjoy writing as a hobbie, I like roleplaying on here
here's some of my old samples if you wanna see 'em

Report | 09/28/2015 2:30 pm


Oh crap. I didn't realize your comment on my profile until today. But I want to comment back, at least.
So, thanks! I'm glad you think so of my avatar! mrgreen

Report | 09/28/2015 9:28 am


Ja xD Irgendwie bin ich mir da auch noch nicht so sicher..

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Report | 09/27/2015 8:46 pm


awww devious kitty xD so cute
THere actually was a reboot of the shining for TV
it's kind of dated too, you either like it or hate it, I like it personally, I felt the father was more believable
though definately not as insane as Jack Nicholson
Doctor sleep looks like it'll be too sad for me, because I have worked with dementia patients and I don't wanna relive some things
Hmm it looks like filming might start for the stand series in early 2016


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