This is me:

This is who i am:

Danie, 29, Female.
I live in Germany.
Eclectic Neo Pagan.
I am a huge Naruto Fan! And i luv Gaara! Believe it! xD <3
I fall in Love with fictional Characters easily.
I love Movies and Music.
My favourite Band is Linkin Park.
I'm into daily Journal writing.
I like to read Books.
I love writing Fanfiction.
Stephen King is my favourite Writer.
I'm sometimes a mean Person, but I can be nice when I want to be.
I don't like Hipsters and Goodpeople that show off what they're not.
My favourite thing to talk about are paranormal Activities & Mysterys.
I had a Homepage about Conspiracy Theories. (They blocked it!!) xD
I have to know the time 24/7.
Wannabes annoy me.
I like to dance randomly.
Halloween is my favourite Holiday! =D

My favourite Books are:
Wasted by Marya Hornbacher. Insomnia, The Shining, The Stand by Stephen King. The Spiral Dance by Starhawk. Solitary Witch by Silver RavenWolf. Harry Potter 1-7 by J. K. Rowling. ^-^

My favourite Animes are:

Naruto, Shingeki no Kyojin, Ao no Exorcist, My Little Sister can't be this cute, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Strawberry Panic!, Chu-Bra!, Death Note, DoReMi, Vampire Knight, Skip Beat!, Lady Oscar, Toradora, Sword Art Online, Mirai Nikki, Accel World

My favourite Mangas are:

Naruto, b*****d, Othello, Sailor Moon, Goth, Video Girl Ai, Love Hina,
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Kare Kano, Magic Knight Rayearth, Chirality,
Neon Genesis Evangelion, Angelic Layer, W Juliet, Kodomo no Jikan.

My favourite asian Dramas are:

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, Ouran High School Host Club, Hana Kimi (Taiwanese Version), Boys before Flowers (Japanese & korean Version), Full House, Attention Please, 1 Litre of Tears, 14 Sai no Hara, The Queens Classroom, Absolute Boyfriend, Nobuta wo Produce, Itazura Na Kiss, Kimi Wa Petto, LIFE, Tokyo Juliet, My Princess, Real Clothes, Lie to me, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Twinkle Twinkle, Skip Beat!, You're Beautiful (korean), Yellow Boots / Ice Adonis (korean),

I also like Asian Horror Movies, but that would be too much to write here. Because i already saw more than 500 that i liked.
But my Top 3 for all times are: D-Day, Loner and Freeze me. ^-^

290/ 1000

830/ 5000

3430/ 5000



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Report | 05/25/2015 12:38 pm


Yeah, I thought about having a separate journal for that o:
But yeah, I did the same.
I only wrote less personal things and posted them.
Or I only posted drawings o:
I might do one in the future, but we'll just have to see xD

Report | 05/25/2015 12:09 pm


Ah, thanks ~
Same here, though.

I generally get lazy when people text me.
And I'm like "meh... I'll reply tomorrow" xD

I've thought about making videos once.
But eh, I figured I get too nervous.
& I'd probably forget what I want to say every 5 seconds xD
Also, I get kinda iffy showing people some personal things.
I know I could just cover it up, but eeeeh

Report | 05/24/2015 11:09 pm


I'm so sorry for the late reply!
I've been so busy this weekend! D:

But yeah,
I feel ya, girl~
I remember looking through like "oh god... he's so awful now... what were you thinking???" xD

Ah, yeah, I saw it! O:
I love those kinds of videos~
It's kinda like an "up close and personal" thing.
Which is really cool because I get to know more about you.
And you did great! C:

I hope you've had/had a wonderful day as well too~

Report | 05/21/2015 7:18 pm


Yeah, but that was when I had like a diary of my celebrity crushes
& crushes on boys in school xD
I love that you still keep yours, though.
I wish I still had my elementary ones.
I'd probably get a good laugh from them xD

Ah, yes I completely understand.
But once you do have one, you can start a new one for them~

Btw, your avis are so lovely <3
I adore them so much! heart

Report | 05/20/2015 2:32 pm


You're too kind!
But you're beautiful as well~

I started probably when I was about 7 years old?
And then I started to write a lot more when I started high school.
And after throwing most of them away, I started fresh when I began my first year of college~

Eh, it took me a VERY long time to decide if I wanted to get rid of them or not.
But I eventually did, but I kept some pages that had the most meaning to me,
And I ended up putting them in a little junk journal xD
I want to do that too! If I were to have a kid, I would like to write one for them~

Report | 05/20/2015 1:56 pm


I'll send it through a PM because I generally don't give my personal stuff through comments o u o
Ah, I know what you mean~
I'll post in there maybe sometime later today?
I gotta find a cool page in my book xD

Yeah, I'm such a big nerd for journals xD
& it's hard to find people who have the same love for it as I do.
emotion_yatta emotion_brofist

Report | 05/20/2015 1:39 pm


I want to try to write more in my journals,
But I always end up doodling / pasting too many things in it.
I feel ya, though.

I used to own about 15 journals,
But I threw them away/burned them because they held some bad memories in them xD
& now I'm starting fresh with about three of them.
They're pretty empty, but I've been using them from time to time.

I was waiting for a day like this to come as well xD
You don't even know how excited I am right now o:
& OMG, you just liked a couple of my photos on IG lol xD

That's a wonderful thread!~
I'll probably post stuff up (maybe).
Like I said, my journals aren't much to look at so idk xD

Report | 05/20/2015 12:53 pm


I never did comment, haha.
I never know what to say, really xD
& yes, I journal too!
I'm not really creative when it comes to journaling,
But your videos give me so much inspiration C:

Ah, it's such a pleasure~
I never expected anyone from the journaling community to ever have a gaia account xD

Report | 05/19/2015 4:22 pm


Hello, I'm a fellow subscriber to your youtube channel~
I'm a huge fan of your journal flip throughs.
They're so gorgeous~
And I flipped out when I found out that you had a gaia account o u o)/
I just had to stop by and say hi xD


Report | 05/17/2015 12:09 pm


biggrin lets see um fav cd lol not sure i have'nt bought cd's in long time minto midnite or a thousand suns pirate


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