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Hi, my name is Lindy. I am 17. I am from Florida.
My avatar and profile change a lot.
I love monkeys.
I love randomness.
I am random.
I live for music.
I love art and creating it.
I used to be a cheerleader.
I like pink.
I like reading.
I don't care much for perverts though I tend to find them hilarious.
I like to laugh.
I like to have fun.

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Report | 11/03/2008 3:29 pm


I love your page!
the dead poet

Report | 05/30/2008 1:13 pm

the dead poet

ooo cute profile!
Zangetsu Tensho

Report | 05/25/2008 6:22 pm

Zangetsu Tensho

hey wats sup?
Princes Beutifal

Report | 05/22/2008 7:50 am

Princes Beutifal

try this out! Send this to at least 10 people and then press F5! You'll get 10'000 gold
jin uraha6989

Report | 05/07/2008 8:06 pm

jin uraha6989

hey how are u? Could u Please vote for me arena id greatly appricate it. thank you
That Zurg Doode

Report | 05/03/2008 10:19 pm

That Zurg Doode

I'm The Tea-Bag Ninja
How are you!
Gloomcookie the Vicious

Report | 05/01/2008 4:24 pm

Gloomcookie the Vicious


I love your username.


That Zurg Doode

Report | 05/01/2008 9:32 am

That Zurg Doode

Seriously....WHO ARE YOU!?!?!

Report | 04/30/2008 10:51 pm


Thank you. :3
I like your profile <3
Its pretty.

Report | 04/30/2008 8:12 pm


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