When I die, I want you to be the cause

Twenty-seven, married and a mother.
I love my family above all else.
Otaku, part-time lolita, Submissive, forever a Little Girl.
Fannibal, Pokemon trainer, card game addict, Mahoustukai no Yome fan.
Bookworm, movie buff, computer nerd, "gamer."
Morbid, girly, geeky, conspiracy nut, misanthrope.
Yandere, Guro fan, "shipper", otome game addict.
Amature pixel artist, mediocre cook, fanatic at baking, coffee addict & tea aficionado!
My "little" side will never grow up.

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind."

I joined in '07 and I met my husband here, this site means a lot to me. I don't plan to ever leave. That said, I've taken plenty of hiatus's and am recently back from a longgg one. My wishlist is unending and it will continue to grow until doomsday. I do random giveaways/gifting threads. Socializing drains me, but I'm a nice person if you are. : )

I collect art, and often request it.
Huge pixel fan! Working on a new toybox.
I quest a lot, and do a bit of buying/selling to earn gold.
I'll adopt unwanted kin! Please send those cuties my way.

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With my beating heart, I look into your eyes. Those golden eyes, as golden as the sun when it first rises. Your lips, I cannot wait to kiss, for they feel like a dream, which I never want to leave.

You are the best sub and wife I could ever ask for and ever want. You melt my heart when you say I love you. You make me weak when we kiss, When we make love, its as if the whole world stops, and only you and me are left, a stand still frozen in time forever. I love you with all of my heart and soul. You make me feel alive and loving each and everyday. By the egyptian gods and goddesses, I love you so so so much! Soon you will take my hand in marriage and we will never be apart again.

I love you....

-Let me cut a heart into your skin.-
-My love for you is like an unforgiving sin.
- I want to kiss you, and show you the way.-
And tell you that we will be together until our very last day.-
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Paper Mache Dollfie

Thank you for all of your donations and amazing art!
I owe a lot to all of you who have helped me!

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