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Twenty-four | ♀ | Submissive | Married & a Mother

난 사람이 싫어
I've been on GaiaOnline since 04.25.07, I met my husband here and we've been together since 03.10.10. We were married on 05.17.2012. I'm a stay at home mom, and I love every second of it! We have a bouncing 16 month old baby boy, and he truly is a blessing to us. I'm a "Little Girl" forever at heart, and at mind.. So yes, some of my interests may be considered childish. ^^ I'm forever in love with my husband, and am thankful to Gaia for bringing us together. He is my strength and we have been through so much together, I know we'll be together forever. We are in a type of D/S relationship.

I'm always questing on Gaia, and share a joint quest thread with my hubby. I also do pixels in my spare time, and have a freebie mall for your viewing pleasure. We also run a charity together, so if you need help with your own quest, you're in luck! I'm a part-time vender/exchanger, meaning I take frequent breaks from it.. Because I can't deal with all the rude people in the exchange. I collect pixels, and really miss how the mini shops used to be.. I'm not a fan of this 'adoptables' invasion. If you know of any pixel shops, please send me links.. I'm always happy to support fellow pixel artists. I really love everything Gaia has to offer, and I am proud to say that I will never quit this site completely. I owe too much to it! xP Oh.. and I use emotes way too much, deal with it!

I'm an avid reader, I love books! I read everything except fantasy and most romance. I'm a true crime buff, and collect books on serial killers. I watch a lot of movies most people never give a chance, and like a lot of shows that have been forgotten by others. I play moldy old PC games no one's heard of, and consider myself somewhat of a computer whiz. I love my pink DS, even if it's beat up and falling apart. My PSP is my friend, even if I don't have many games for it yet. I'm classically girly, tea cups and teddy bears and all that. I'm a longtime Fannibal, since way before the show was ever thought of. I love My Little Pony, but you won't catch me watching the new stuff. I'm a big fan of Pokemon, but it's not an obsession. x-x I only liked the first season!

I am a huge otaku! I watch anime, read manga, collect figures/plushies and eat pocky with abandon. I love stuffed toys, I have way too many of them as it is, but I always want more. I'm not disturbed by anything except eyeballs.. Really, I have a cast iron will and stomach, just don't show me an eyeball. I'm a sickly kind of person, and am on quite a few medications, but I don't let it get me down. I'm nice, but antisocial.. Meaning I'll have a pleasant chat with you, but will need to recharge my batteries afterward. Social situations drain me. I have a bad habit of giving unwanted advice, and am often a little too blunt for my own good. I'll always be a misanthrope deep down.. and will never fully understand most people, or why they do the things they do.

I love out of the ordinary fashions, whether it be Lolita, Pastel Goth or Fairy Kei.. I love dressing up. I listen to a variety of music, from Goth rock to 80s pop, from classical to industrial, and even some anime music thrown in. My favorite color is light pink. I've had my hair dyed most colors throughout my life, but due to allergies and a sensitive scalp, it's normal now.. I wear wigs though! I'm probably one of the most open-minded people there is, do whatever you want as long as you consider the feelings of others. I value patience and manners, though I don't always actively practice them myself. I'm a retired Grammar Nazi.. Your text talk still hurts my eyes, but I won't be mean to you about it. ;D

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F r o m___H i m

With my beating heart, I look into your eyes. Those golden eyes, as golden as the sun when it first rises. Your lips, I cannot wait to kiss, for they feel like a dream, which I never want to leave.

You are the best sub and wife I could ever ask for and ever want. You melt my heart when you say I love you. You make me weak when we kiss, When we make love, its as if the whole world stops, and only you and me are left, a stand still frozen in time forever. I love you with all of my heart and soul. You make me feel alive and loving each and everyday. By the egyptian gods and goddesses, I love you so so so much! Soon you will take my hand in marriage and we will never be apart again.

I love you....

-Let me cut a heart into your skin.-
-My love for you is like an unforgiving sin.
- I want to kiss you, and show you the way.-
And tell you that we will be together until our very last day.-
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Paper Mache Dollfie
Moonlight Rose113

When I die, I want you to be the cause.

Our Gaia daughter.
Be nice to her!