When I die, I want you to be the cause

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난 사람이 싫어
I'm known by either Dollfie or Leeny, and I'm twenty-five.
Forever a little girl. <3 But very mature when I need to be.
A member of GaiaOnline since 04.25.07, and never going to leave!
I met my beloved husband here on Gaia years ago. This is our place.
Married since 05.17.12, and together since 03.10.10. <3
We have a darling baby boy. He's our pooey little pumpkin.

Forever questing, I also used to own a charity.
Also a mediocre pixel artist, I'll always support fellow pixel fans!
INFJ personality, a taurus and a horse. Yes I believe in that stuff.
Very eclectic musical tastes, I like a bit of almost everything.
I'm a bookworm! I read, a lot. Also a sucker for less appreciated films.
I play a wide variety of games.. Most of which you probably won't like. D:
If there's one thing I'm close minded about, it's close mindedness.

Part-time Lolita. Otaku. Yandere. Plushie collector. Doll lover.
I'm an average cook, and I love to bake. I'm very stereotypically girly.
I love guro, I love horror, I love all things macabre and twisted.
I collect MLP figures and love the show.. The older show. Not FIM.
I adore spiders, bears, poodles and fluffy cats. But I love all animals.
I've been a Fannibal since before it was a TV show. ;D
I don't accept random friend requests. Though you can find me at my usual threads!

C u r r e n t l y ; ;
Playing: Tokimeki Girl's Side 3 + Project Diva + Nameless
Reading: Aku No Hana (on hold)
Watching: Mitsudomoe
Questing: Purrsuasion Purrfection

F r o m___H i m

With my beating heart, I look into your eyes. Those golden eyes, as golden as the sun when it first rises. Your lips, I cannot wait to kiss, for they feel like a dream, which I never want to leave.

You are the best sub and wife I could ever ask for and ever want. You melt my heart when you say I love you. You make me weak when we kiss, When we make love, its as if the whole world stops, and only you and me are left, a stand still frozen in time forever. I love you with all of my heart and soul. You make me feel alive and loving each and everyday. By the egyptian gods and goddesses, I love you so so so much! Soon you will take my hand in marriage and we will never be apart again.

I love you....

-Let me cut a heart into your skin.-
-My love for you is like an unforgiving sin.
- I want to kiss you, and show you the way.-
And tell you that we will be together until our very last day.-
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