Random stuff~
-Biology major in college-
-Plays violin, piano, and guitar-
-I'm 5'4''.-
-I now have a fohawk, because I'm not ballsy enough to get a real mohawk.-
-I have 9 piercings now: two in each lobe, three cartilage, an industrial, and now nape.-
-I play video games, and I'm kind of nerdy in general.-

Feel free to PM me~ I love talking to new people

Three Days Grace. Breaking Benjamin. Buckcherry. Finger Eleven. Mindless Self Indulgence. Shinedown. Tenacious D. System of a Down. Queen. Don Mclean. Barenaked Ladies. Jimmy Eat World. Sarah Bareilles. Taylor Swift. Sugarland. Miranda Lambert. Rascal Flatts. Ray Charles. Blues Brothers. Sex Pistols. The Ramones. Vivaldi. Saint Saens. Bach. Beethoven.

Not so secret crushes on Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, Cary Elwes, and Johnny Depp. smilies/icon_redface.gif


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Hey its me User Image

All your images are down :'(
Subliminal Mindfck

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Subliminal Mindfck

I love your layout and your hair<3

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lol. Probably not 30, but close.

She's lucky to have him as a friend, otherwise she would be out $1300 for a corset piercing she had done a few months ago. He just did it for free, because it was so long since he did one.

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Yes, I like Voltaire. He's funny and clever.

Good morning, by the way ^^

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Yea, they are expensive.

The only reason my sister has so many is because her friend is a piercer.

I was shocked to hear that he makes 100K a year doing that O.O
Mr Hauni

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Mr Hauni

I want a real Paopu FruitUser Image

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Naw, I don't have any.

My sister has like 30 though, and she's always trying to convince me to get one.

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Yuss, piercings can be hot.

I've wanted my nape done for years, but I'm always way too scared to want to figure out what it feels like. D;

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Nape piercings are hot.
Light Reality

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Light Reality

Nice name User Image


'Tis me. More pics in profile.
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