Hello Gaia~

Name's Farol (previously Kyra Fawxe).

I am:
In my second semester of college.

I can/like to:
- Draw (a bit)
- Speak Spanish
- Play video games
- Watch anime

Been on Gaia since November 2005. I don't remember much from then so don't ask me about it. I can usually be found lurking (and occasionally posting) in the General Community Discussion (GCD) forum. I love it there. I also like going into Towns and Rally and reporting cyberers and trolling 'ganstas.' I want to get into roleplaying again thanks to my waifu Fallskin but I'm not so sure about that yet.

My favourite character is Sentinel because of her tsundere character type and sexiness. I also like Overseer because he's cute and naive. I also kinda like Bernnivin and Nicolae andCresento (a tiiiny bit. His douchiness is sometimes too much but...) I don't find old characters exciting anymore. I used to like Rufus and Edmund and Liam but change is a good thing. I feel sort of out of place because of that but that's okay~ "To each their own."

I'm trying to get into avatar making. They usually have a theme, match or a bit of both sometimes. I've come a really long way from just throwing random items on to my base. My favourite items are Fremere's Guard, Compass of Seidh, Gogh Reed, and Seracila Pendent. Yes. I am an EI whore but that's okay because I am accepted where I spend most of my time here. There are a few commons I like including Elven Ears and various scar items (included in all of my avatars.)

That's it for now. Hit me up with a comment or PM anytime (as long as it's not begging me for gold; as extravagantly as I dress I am poor compared to other people. That's why my Wishlist is so tiny; I know I could never buy others except my most wanted in the history of ever.)

that's probably the longest thing I've ever written on this website. ._.


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Kyra's Gaian Journal

O: My personal space and new GJ. You can come here for updates on my life.


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dont hate me because i'm beautiful.

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Like my cospla- I mean avatar? biggrin heart

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Awww sorryyyy. You don't have to watch this. You could probably cover your eyes now.

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You know that you like it.

You're just afraid to admit it cool
Teruteru Hanamura

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Teruteru Hanamura

That's what they all say. |:

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Ohshit really? dawg that sucks.

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Your status makes me want faygo.

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C; heart

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Teruteru Hanamura

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Teruteru Hanamura

I just want to believe that the part of the family that's taking care of her,
Is simply is lying to us again.

I can't break down this week.
So many tests.
So much work.
It's crunch time. :[


What's this? A quest?

180B+21W/Gray Body Dye