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// Abby, Freshman at Washington State University //

// ❤ Member since 2008 ❤ //

// Studying to be a criminal profiler, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Human Development and Criminal Justice. I have mind control super powers! //

// I was the Varsity Goalie and team captain of my high school's Girls Water Polo Team
and a Varsity swimmer on my high school's Swim Team.
I am currently the goalie for WSU's Women's water polo team as well as serving as one of their captains. //

//I blow out my candles on July 27th ♌ //

// I dont like people who hurt my friends, or are just total idiots, no one likes that. I am a very laid back person, so not much upsets me or makes me feel uncomfortable, just dont make it a point to try and do such things smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif //

// I am, Random, Single,
a Pokemon fan, a Zelda fanatic, Guild Wars 2 warrior, RP addict, a great writer, in love with Pewdiepie, the best friend you could ever have, caring, independent, me.
I am very protective of my friends and am someone you can always come and talk to. //

// UPDATE: I'm moving my artwork to Deviantart so if you want to view it, clicky clicky smilies/icon_heart.gif Other's artwork to me will still be displayed on my profile, but my artwork and commissions will not! //

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// ❤ Link to my Insta ❤ //

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