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// Abby, Freshman at Washington State University //

// I was the Varsity Goalie and team captain of my Girls Water Polo Team
and a Varsity swimmer on my high school's Swim Team.
I am currently on the WSU's Women's water polo team. //

// I dont like people who hurt my friends, or are just total idiots that annoy me. //

// I am, Random, Single,
a Pokemon fan, a Zelda fanatic, Guild Wars 2 warrior, RP addict, a great writer, the best friend you could ever have, caring, independent, me.
I am very protective of my friends and am someone you can come and talk to. //

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Senior Pictures~
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By Kamekosu

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Koga Of The West-l- & Pantalanium

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Vidia From Pixie Hollow

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Looking for avatar art, anyone interested in drawing my current avatar, PM me please!

Just me being self absorbed for having so many pictures of myself(: