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yes thank u

ytu is an autobiographical webcomic. it’s funny, but it’s very much about conceptual stuff and art. but only if you want it to be. otherwise it’s just funny autobiographical experiences. you don't have to like it! thank you for your support! pls do comment on pages you like and always feel free to talk to me about it. pls don't ask to be in it.

goals for humans by panopticism

1. take responsibility for yourself.
✿ if you say something to cause a negative reaction, it will probably happen. you are responsible for what you say and do.

2. be self-aware.
✿ know when you're saying something to cause a negative reaction. know why you are doing and saying things besides the obvious answer.

3. be critical of everything
no one and no idea is without faults. nothing is said without bias.

4. be understanding of your friends and enemies alike
✿ you are no different than them. you've done everything they've done to some degree.

5. always remember your place in the universe
✿ you are tiny. you do not matter to anyone as much as you matter to yourself.

6. make mistakes
✿ everyone is a hypocrite; it's okay. you can have reasons for what you do, not excuses.

7. you live in a community
✿ your identity is not sacred. it's how you perceive yourself in relation to your community. you're not free to do whatever you want because it's who you are.

8. forget
✿ forgive and forget as much as you can.

To quote Exit Mundi on the existence of humans:

"It's a fascinating thought: if that &*%#-comet didn't wipe out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, we wouldn't be here pondering about apocalypses and armageddons in the first place. The dinosaurs roamed our planet millions of years longer than we did. If it wasn't for the comet, they still would."




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