I try to be pretty fair however I sadly must establish some rules since I get an enormous amount of pm's. <.<;;;


(1) Donations::
=> I won't do random donations, donations are for my friends (so maybe talk to me a little...)
=> Please don't PM asking for a donation or even a DISCOUNT off my won't work
=> If you have a CHARITY send me a link to your thread and i'll CONSIDER it ^.^

(2) Store Items::
=> I will trade other DONATION items for what I am selling
=> If your looking to trade make the price around the same as the item I am selling, I won't make huge discounts for item-based trades
=>My prices are generally fair and way bellow marketprice so please don't try to make it any lower >.<

=>Yes, I do buy items
=> No I won't pay more than marketplace value
=> Send me a PM of what you are selling and how much
=> What I buy::
a) Donation items
b) Commons
c) Tickets
d) May buy uncommons...
=> What I won't buy::
a) Casion Items
b) Trash (unless it's cans)
c) Event Items

NOTE: I have been serving gaia since Wed. August 31st, 2005. 426 transactions resulting in 8903649g


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