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Hello, my name is Pandelic DJ. You can call me by either Pande, DJ, Pandelic, or by my real name Jon. No I do not spell it with an h, just the simple J O N.

I first joined back in the middle of 2007, and much of it is a blur that I can't remember. Though I was one of those noobs that would always add random people, trying to make friends that easily. It was like a trial and error situation, till I was hacked, and couldn't access my profile anymore. And with this account, I joined again in 2008. At first I was known as XxPanda_PalxX I really liked the name and it stuck with me for a while, till I just got plain bored with it and decided to change it to Pandelic DJ.

I am a middle child of five. One older sister and brother, two younger brothers. Its quite a big family, but its all good since we know when to have each others back, even though we fight CONSTANTLY! My sister does have a gaia account, XxStephy_BaybexX I did get her hooked into gaia, and kept trying to grow the community to like it as well. If you havent guessed my age, just do the simple math, to figure it out. Should be right under my avatar, on my birth year.

If you couldn't tell already, I really love animals. I have six dogs, and two cats currently. Three Chorkies, Lab Collie mix, and a Saint Bearnard/Great Pyrenees mix. Im not really sure on the cats though, but they are just as fun loving when they want to be. My dog, one of the chorkies I named Gracey. The highlight of my life every time I enter the room, and she just acts as if ive been gone for a year. She is my little girl, and im not ashamed on saying that.

I am planning on taking my time to becoming a full blown Vet. At first I will work with house animals, and then branch my way out to working with other types of animals, that may consist of the Farm and the Zoo. One day, I do wish to raise a baby panda, maybe even a jungle cat.

If you get to know me more, you will find out that I love anime, pokemon, naruto, bleach, one piece, zatch bell, all the whole works. If I watch in in Japanese, its gonna be a bit different but I can handle it for the most part. I also love to role play with others. Nothing beats a good romance, drama, action, thriller, etc. Sudoku is one of my favorite spare things to do, if you set me down with a good book, you can guarantee that I will finish it. Drawing/Writing is a good thing for me even if im not that well experienced with it.

If you wish to get to know me more, do leave me a PM. I would like to see what kind of questions, and answers I should add to my profile.
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