"I don't have to die if I pause."
Jon "Tron" Jafari

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Welcome to my profile, my name is Tori. Ask me about my wiener.

I like reading, cartoons (CN and Adult Swim), junk food and caffeine, video games (Xbox), and sketching. I love music and am always open to suggestions, as long as it's rock-related. I'm practically nocturnal. I enjoy gray skies and cold weather; unfortunately, I live in a seemingly always sunny place in California. I'm addicted to YouTube. I won't judge you as long as you don't judge me. I'm sort of a perfectionist, which is part of the reason why I type slow. (Excuses, excuses.) I'm honestly more confident and open over the internet than I am in "real life." Also, I'm very sarcastic.

If you want to know more about me, just talk to me.

I might bite.

Journal - Feels
I'm just going to write about things that I feel like writing, whenever I feel like writing them.

(07/07/2014 05:48 pm) Gentle Man
(07/04/2014 02:31 am) New Vocabulary
(05/10/2014 08:52 pm) The Fault In Our Stars
(04/06/2014 12:27 am) Pity The Illiterate

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