don't be a d**k

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BIJINKEI Report | 08/09/2014 1:52 pm
Thank you!
Genkai taught me well Report | 08/09/2014 9:29 am
o_o crazy cat lady, eh? do you shower?
Blackrose_Knight Report | 08/07/2014 9:35 am
Ah! You changed your avi! What a dynamic change.
paige rage Report | 07/04/2014 3:31 pm
I'm a cashier at Home Depot and they give me good hours!

What are you planning on doing with your degrees? :]
Drudenhaus Report | 07/02/2014 8:02 am
Thanks, i was being way too much of an a*****e.
we spoke and she asked me to release her from my grasp, you know it's kind of hard but i did it in the end.
I know she's much happier now that i'm away from her, but i still love her so i couldn't do that to her.
I guess it was the right thing to do.
CMAlaska Report | 07/01/2014 4:23 pm
Haha! Thanks! I was mainly dumbfounded that he thought I was actually insulted or trying to insult anyone!
Drudenhaus Report | 06/26/2014 9:56 am
I think i got over this phase now. I didn't do it, couldn't.
paige rage Report | 06/11/2014 2:16 pm
Not too bad. Trying to keep busy.

What are you studying? :3
paige rage Report | 06/08/2014 11:01 am
Hey you. How have you been?
Drudenhaus Report | 05/23/2014 10:32 pm
I guess thanks for saying that to me.. i mean i really love her, and i ******** up.
I know this, but she didn't make it very fair for me, it's been four months since we broke up, and after we did she started dating this other guy which she met like, on december.
We broke up on march, but all our fights started in january, two years together thrown to the thrash.
She kept me all hyped with the whole "I'll return to you" bullshit, to later be all like "Just try to move on with your life" I mean.. what the ******** hell.


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