don't be a d**k

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Psychomore Report | 09/14/2014 4:33 pm

Yours is pretty kickass

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BIJINKEI Report | 08/09/2014 1:52 pm
Thank you!
Genkai taught me well Report | 08/09/2014 9:29 am
o_o crazy cat lady, eh? do you shower?
Blackrose_Knight Report | 08/07/2014 9:35 am
Ah! You changed your avi! What a dynamic change.
paige rage Report | 07/04/2014 3:31 pm
I'm a cashier at Home Depot and they give me good hours!

What are you planning on doing with your degrees? :]
Drudenhaus Report | 07/02/2014 8:02 am
Thanks, i was being way too much of an a*****e.
we spoke and she asked me to release her from my grasp, you know it's kind of hard but i did it in the end.
I know she's much happier now that i'm away from her, but i still love her so i couldn't do that to her.
I guess it was the right thing to do.
CMAlaska Report | 07/01/2014 4:23 pm
Haha! Thanks! I was mainly dumbfounded that he thought I was actually insulted or trying to insult anyone!
Drudenhaus Report | 06/26/2014 9:56 am
I think i got over this phase now. I didn't do it, couldn't.
paige rage Report | 06/11/2014 2:16 pm
Not too bad. Trying to keep busy.

What are you studying? :3
paige rage Report | 06/08/2014 11:01 am
Hey you. How have you been?


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