Usually in-character in towns. I usually use brackets or parenthesis to indicate when I am out of character. Don't be afraid to message me if I'm AFK.

~ Character * Information ~
Female || 5'5" || Soft-spoken
RP Rules || Current Moon Phase

Veil is a member of beings known as the Asteli. Her primary task is cultural exploration and enlightenment. Most of her time is spent observing others, though she may interact with them if she feels confident or curious enough about a situation.

The Asteli are elven women who have been chosen to become priestesses of the moon and stars. Most Asteli feature ivory skin, light hair and sky-colored eyes. Their pallor is achieved through a special skin-binding paint created from a substance referred to as moon powder. The paint is always worn except during the last phases of the moon, when the wearer sheds the paint as a symbol of removing the old and embracing the new. The Asteli wear little clothing during the majority of the month, instead donning jewelry and sheer cloths. At times they may cover themselves more if the modesty of another culture demands it.

Asteli are a closed race/subject matter of my creation. They are not open to use by others.