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I am Divia.
Nice to meet you all and let's begin!
I am still figuring my self out but let's out with the basics.

-I'm 20 years old filled with ambition and drive. But my goals
are not harmful, I love helping people out and stuff.
-I love baking sweets and cooking food. I love trying out recipes that sounds peculiar to me and save them. I love baking for my family.
-I am kinda bossy. Very straightforward and honest.
-In MBTI I am an ENTJ
-I am fond of bath salts, bath bombs, aromatics, nice hot tubs of water, and everything that has to do of that nature.
-I am quite mature for my age. Well, that is what most people assume and say so i say it's true. In state of emergency, i am the one with somewhat a cool head.
-I am a major music junkie. Can't live without it.
-I like reading manga and anime once in a while whenever I can. Im currently reading One Punch Man and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Jojolion.
-I like working out and love to take care of myself. I am a health nut, but you know, some sweet treats wont hurt once in a while.
-I have anxiety and panic attacks. I empathize and understand very well how it is and don't fret if you have the same. You are not alone.
-I am currently a college student. It's nice at times.
-My favorite meal is chicken katsu and rice w/ curry. My favorite dessert is anything sweet honestly.
-My favorite flavors for desserts are green tea, vanilla, and strawberry.
-I am obsessed with boba drinks. I need to have my fix every now and then.
-I love felines. Cats are what keep me alive. I have a stray kitty called Johnny and she is a gift from the heavens!
-I speak English and Spanish fluently.
-I love to visit art museums when I can.
- I am pretty loyal to my friends. But sometimes, if time and conflict arise in rl, I may leave here for a while but eventually I'll be back. I have a life.
-I am definitely not here for relationships, long distance or whatever, I am here for fun.
-I actually do not want to be married or have children. Let's just say I wasn't meant to be motherly or want to ever be a mother. I'm a matriarch but that is it.
-I prefer autumn and winter seasons over summer and spring. I get tired of hot season, specially here in California.
-I try to hydrate myself as much as I can. 8 bottles of water a day..or just 8 cups of water is good for you. Tip: Replace your beverage with water or mineral water for each meal that you have (except breakfast..you need most nutrients here) you'll see some loss weight results. Slowly but surely!
-I can be silly at times and serious depending on the situation. There is a moment and place for everything. It's true.

tumblr: http://duchessdumpling.tumblr.com/
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