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Someone told me they missed my word of the day, which I did for a year in my status and then stopped. I added occasional words (each was a different kind of phobia) to my status. As of today, September 10, 2013, This is an attempt at year 2 of the Fun Neurosis Vocabulary List, but this time I'll keep track, and I will use manias instead of phobias.

ma·ni·a (mān / ē / ə) n. (SOURCE)
1. An excessively intense enthusiasm, interest, or desire; a craze: a mania for neatness.
2. Psychiatry A manifestation of bipolar disorder, characterized by profuse and rapidly changing ideas, exaggerated sexuality, gaiety, or irritability, and decreased sleep.
3. Violent abnormal behavior. See Synonyms [for] insanity.

Please don't expect these to be daily. I will probably skip days, but I'll try to update whenever a new mania that suits my mood.

12-Jun Melomania
excessive interest or attraction to music.

03-Mar Hagiomania
overwhelming drive to become a saint or to be a martyr.

26-Feb Trichotillomania
compulsion to pull out (and sometimes eat) one's own hair.

11-Feb Gamomania
obsession with being married and/or issuing extravagant marriage proposals.

20-Jan Clinomania
abnormal desire for bed rest.

13-Jan Athazagoramania
irrational drive to forget/be forgotten

31-Dec Selenomania
maniacal reaction to moonlight

18-Dec Doromania
excessive urge to give gifts

10-Dec Tomomania
impulse to perform surgical procedures

30-Nov Arithmomania
pathological fascination with numbers

23-Nov Habromania
a mental disorder causing happy delusions

16-Nov Catapedamania
obsession with jumping from high places

09-Nov Agromania
intense desire to be alone or for wide open spaces

08-Sept Verbomania
obsession with / extreme overuse of words

10-Sept Sophomania
excessive respect for one’s own wisdom

14-Sept Nosomania
obsession with imagined disease

17-Sept Oniomania
overwhelming compulsion to shop

19-Sept Anglomania
irrational craze for England or all things English
(Happy National Speak Like a Pirate Day!)

21-Sept Chronomania
madness for time / speed

01-Oct Ecdemomania
chronic wanderlust


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Berryfarmer Report | 06/19/2014 7:23 pm
Psst hey, yeah Happy Birthday!
Hope you found ways to enjoy the day and have fun.
illumi zaoldyek Report | 10/17/2013 12:05 pm
Hello! I saw your shop and I'm really curious to ask you about the Marshmallow Jacket whee How did you come across an isolated pose of the full item? Please reply or I'll burn to ashes with wondering xD
Az Timmy Report | 09/22/2013 8:41 am
your avi is sooooo great! cat_whee
Topsy Krett Report | 05/16/2013 2:22 pm
Hi , I've sent you mail but not sure if you got it
so I am posting here. I hope you look at the thread.

I have been inactive for some time and would
like to create a new aquarium page. Would
you be so kind as to post on my page.
If you have any other mule characters that are premium
aquariums please feel free to add them as well.
Thanks a lot hun. <3

Looking forward to playing tanks again...

19venomsnake Report | 04/29/2013 12:32 am
gaia_angelleft gaia_angelright Yo, what are the items that ur Avis Sweetheart and Abuse have? gaia_nitemareleft gaia_nitemareright
Freakinspazmonkeys Report | 04/14/2013 5:44 pm
thanks for le buy heart

and tanking the other day wink
ANRl SONOHARA Report | 04/08/2013 2:34 pm
OMG‼ ur hair works so great with ur eyes . . . > ////<
Freya Dragon Knight Report | 03/26/2013 6:10 am
Hi there! Been awhile since we talked so I thought I'd leave you a comment. ^^ I miss playing zOMG with you
Glam Factory Report | 03/24/2013 11:58 am
The Sweet Mango Report | 03/17/2013 4:41 pm
I love your avatar! It's so beautiful! ^^