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Padawan of the V`tosh Ka`tur.

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Twenty-six year old boy.
"We can't call it the Enterprise!"
Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn met on March 4th, 1522: exactly 469 years prior to the day of my birth.
Undergrads in Social Work and History.
History grad student: thesis in English sodomy, 1700 to 1750.
Applicant for a PhD in Human Studies.
Historical research assistant and teaching assistant.
Author to four books available on Amazon.
Rated PG for Pretty Gay.™

Feel free to stop by my Crush page, because I'm an insecure boy who thrives on compliments. ^^;;


【 パダワンライアン 】

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You don’t know a thing about this life,
And we are up for everything it takes to prove we’re not the same as them,
And we will wear our masks again out after dark,
‘Cause we are up for everything it takes and we are not the same ~

Canadian boy. 26. Rated PG for Pretty Gay.™
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Rogue Pixels Report | 05/19/2017 8:18 am
Rogue Pixels
Thought' I'd check out your profile, and it's actually really rad! :> That's all.
ram-mari Report | 05/11/2017 11:35 pm
Oh umm your welcome~ ^//v//^
ram-mari Report | 05/11/2017 2:02 pm
I like your sig it's pretty honest and straight-forward . (also i like your tumblr page so much BL!~ Dont worry i'm pretty gay too) emotion_awesome
VulkodRedfist Report | 04/24/2017 3:46 pm
I'm more than likely going to have to give the multiplayer a try now. I also sent you a friend request on steam. ZEVER1000 in case you were curious. Do you like rts games in general?
VulkodRedfist Report | 04/24/2017 2:02 pm
So yeah I've only been playing singleplayer so far in Civilization. Have you at all played the multiplayer? I feel like if I were to try multiplayer the games would take forever to finish. Generally when I play the computer I have the "turns" set at quick pace so it doesn't take forever. I don't know how different it is in multiplayer.
VulkodRedfist Report | 04/24/2017 1:46 pm
I see you've played the Civilization games. Civilization is one of my favorite rts games out there. I haven't played the newest one yet but I have the one before that. I've done a domination victory with america although haven't gotten a science victory yet.

When doing domination victory I only start until I get to the modern era. Where I've got tanks, heli's, aircraft, navy ships ect ect. That's where the real fun starts.
VulkodRedfist Report | 04/24/2017 1:06 pm
So how much of a gamer are you? ^^
ChocoPastry Report | 04/20/2017 10:33 am
That is well thought out, and sounds fascinating. What did you study?
ll H o b b i t ll Report | 04/20/2017 12:39 am
ll H o b b i t ll
Stalked your Tumblr. I like it!
Have nice day emotion_c8
ChocoPastry Report | 04/19/2017 9:11 pm
3nodding How does one research olden day sodomy? lol


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