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What Porno's All About

Yo I'm porno. i like dragons and pie. i'm too old for gaia but i stick around anyways from time to time. talk to me about music and cute boys. also pokemon.


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Lady RenStar Report | 01/18/2015 8:09 pm
Your avi ish so elegant~

Exercising isn't my specialty either. I do leg lifts, crunches, and counter push-ups 2 or 3 times a week. That's the extent of it though. Lol xD
Eating healthy being expensive is true. Which is probably why the rich are healthy. They can afford it and I'm seriously envious >.< Big meanies.
My meals are actually quite affordable.. Probably 'cause I don't eat very much, but I make sure I eat 3 meals and a snack of an sunflower seeds, apple, or banana.
I found that keeping protein and starches separate is a good weightloss factor. If you eat carbs, eat it with veggies. If you eat protein, eat it with veggies. If you eat fruit, eat it alone or with veggies (never with carbs or protein).
Canned veggies are decently priced. Prepackaged salads aren't badly priced either. Kyle and I buy a big thing of organic spring mix salad for $6 and it lasts about 6 meals (3 meals each). That's a dollar a meal, plus the price of meat and/or carbs you choose to eat with it. We usually choose chicken since it's cheaper than beef.
Hahha.. Sorry, I guess I'm rambling about it xD
l Want To Be Your Canary Report | 01/15/2015 6:19 am
haha maaaaybe mrgreen
Lady RenStar Report | 01/14/2015 3:24 pm
Lurve et!!
I am so jelly. I was telling Kyle that I wanted one of those too. Hahaha!

Ah.. Hypothyroidism is an issue I deal with too >.< Sounds like we have some similar problems.
I'm going to try a DIY body wrap and hope that it helps detox enough to lose a few inches.
I thought Metformin is given for Diabetes? It's the same thing that was prescribed to my dad before he decided to do herbal remedy instead.
It's also used on dead people to preserve them, so basically it's doing the same to your stomach. Thus, the tummy aches.
I would talk to the doctor about other (more natural perhaps) alternatives. A change in diet intake might help too, more veggies and less starch.

l Want To Be Your Canary Report | 01/14/2015 2:07 pm
HAHA and it felt great didnt it mrgreen
l Want To Be Your Canary Report | 01/14/2015 1:20 pm
YAAAAAAAAAAAY heart heart heart

Lady RenStar Report | 01/13/2015 10:01 am
Glad you were able to celebrate christmas~ Unicorn mask.. I wanna see! Put it on and take a pic!

That's interesting. I was told I had PCS too, then another doctor said that I didn't. Now that we have new medical coverage, I plan to get it checked out too.
I know it can cause complications with pregnancy and is seriously painful when a cyst pops >.< Dat pain tho. Not to mention the affect it has on the rest of the body regarding metabolism and whatnot.
Usually it's affected by a imbalance of hormones in the body. I would check into eating foods that are good for balancing and regulating hormones (stay away from soy products ^_~).

I hope things work out with you and Louie. I know he doesn't like me, so I'm going to steer clear of chatting with him.
But I wish you all the happiness in the world~ You deserve it.
Life in not complete unless there's a kitty in it. I have 5 as well. 5 is a good number indeed~ Hahha!

l Want To Be Your Canary Report | 01/13/2015 8:42 am
l Want To Be Your Canary Report | 01/13/2015 8:10 am
l Want To Be Your Canary Report | 01/12/2015 1:44 pm
Lady RenStar Report | 01/12/2015 9:19 am
D'aww~ It really has been too long since we've last talked. I've missed yew~
I hope your holidays went well~
How have you been? Fill me in on the latest news~ I need an update! Lol!
If you still have my number, you can always text me too~


why don't i have nice things