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Yo I'm porno. i like dragons and pie. i'm too old for gaia but i stick around anyways from time to time. talk to me about music and cute boys. also pokemon.







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Lady RenStar Report | 09/02/2016 12:50 pm
Yussss.. Hot and steamy. It gives men nipples!! Gaia be treading on dangerous ground. Mhmmm.

Ah well.. We hide our marks with cute clothes~ I prefer the dress-like bathing suits, they feel so feminine ♡

Kyle got all depressed when I told him I vented about us just staying homd.. He was all "I'm sorry I don't make you happy.. *pout pout*" And all I was thinking was "It can always change, but you say sorry without moving to make amends. >>" Ah well.. Maybe my fault for not speaking up?
Garrett needs to take several days off and pamper you~ ♡

Ahhhh.. Lapras. I swear, you gus have all the good pokemon down there. I'm surrounded by pidgey, ratata, mankeys, and growliths Dx
Lady RenStar Report | 09/02/2016 11:01 am
Uwah.. That new hot springs item is so sexy Dx

Ahaha.. I would rather stay away from bikinis. I don't want to be judged by my mommy battle wounds and they're super apparent on my stomach.
My weight loss goal is 50lb right now. I would be so happy. If it goes well, I'll add another 20lb, but because of my hight/hips my ideal weight is 180. I still like having some curves.

Luuuucky. Kyle has a 4 day weekend.. And we're sitting at home, as usual. I really wanna go out hunting too. Sigh. He just wants to play darksouls. /depressed

SOOOO lucky. I wanna have a ninetailes, dragonair, and rapidash.. so bad.
Lady RenStar Report | 09/01/2016 4:24 pm
Oh, he so fabulous it ridiculous.
I.. want.. that.. new.. Starlite bea. Dx

Gratz on the weight loss! I just started a new diet last week and lost 5lb, but I'm not sure if that's just water retention. Sigh. Keep at it and I will too! Best of luck to both of us!

Psh.. I don't get to go to the beach. Kyle rarely takes me out of town and beach is an hour away. So yay for being a forced homebody by both kids and hubby. Siiigh.
I'm so jelly of your gyarados and dragonair.. I still haven't gotten a dratini, but I did manage to get an onix finally. I also hatched a Jinx (my game hates me) and a shellder (again, game hates me). Lol!
Lady RenStar Report | 09/01/2016 12:29 am
Ahhh... Lovelovelove the new sherbert items. Omg. Love them all. Finally got Kyle a decent male sherbert avi and he seems pretty happy about it. He even bought the bundle so he could keep the beddy bye item. Lol! He's such a dork. I know he prefers blackbrown items though, so he's wearing it to appease me /petpets loyal dog

I don't know where I stand on the minimum wage increase. I see both good and bad. Cost of living is so difficult here, it's hard to have a decent living style without two or more incomes. It really shouldn't be like that though, it's ridiculous. I think that's what drives people to want that increase, the thought of only needing to work one job instead of multiple is appealing to the majority of the population. Only problem.. If wage increases, so does the price of products.. Thus leading to an even higher living cost. Double edge sword.

Best of luxk with the EDD. I certainly hope it goes through.

Ever get that Gyarados? I'm super jelly.. Ironically Magikarp are rare around here.
Lady RenStar Report | 08/31/2016 9:36 am
Ahh.. Yes. My unicorn is my favorite at the moment. I'm so glad the Etoile item has the same sitting position as the florette item~

I know that the minimum wage will raise to 15 over the next 5 years. But it also depends on the kind of work you get into. Kyle started his apprenticeship @ $15 with benefits and 3 years later he's now graduated and @ $32 an hour.

Lol! Would love to, but at the moment this is an ideal living situation for us 'cause Kraz is going to a great school.
Lady RenStar Report | 08/30/2016 2:58 pm
Meh.. All my avis have sucked lately. No inspiration or creative ideas. I can't even think k up a cosplay that hasn't been done before or looks better than previously done ones xP

I guess it depends on where and what you want. Silicon valley/bay area are always more expensive. It gets cheaper as you move more towards central valley (but then you're an hour+ away from the bay). Another factor is whether you want a studio, 1br, 2 br, etc. In Tracy I was paying 1.2k for a 1br, 1bth, laundry on site. In Santa Clara it cost 1.7k (cheapest I could find in a quick search) for a Studio. Adding a cat usually costs an extra $500-700 deposit.
Lady RenStar Report | 08/30/2016 2:13 pm
I know I'd be flattered if you squished my face 'cause you thought it adorable, he should change his little kitty attitude. Lol!

I entered Just desserts, but holding no hopes of winning. Bleh. It was free, so no loss for me.
It doesn't help that most of the voters are from the small runway community that have biased opinions.

Psh.. That's just SoCal standards. It's not like the up here, which h is why I refuse to go south where you need to weigh like a feather, look like a twig, and have a g-cup to get anywhere in life. No thanks. Lol!
Come move up here! The weather is cooler, plenty to do (entertainment and recreational alike), not as strict beauty standards, and bonus- you get to live near me! I guess it's just not tempting enough though, huh? Hahaha xD
Lady RenStar Report | 08/29/2016 1:21 pm
Bad Floof! No bite! You must let your drunk owner be amused with squishing your face 'cause its so damn adorable!

Guuh.. I know the feeling. I was down to under 3b just the other day and I was grinding LK for a couple measly bil from the trees. "Ooh! I got 2 bIL from that! Now I can buy a couple items for 500b a piece! *heavy breathing* MUST. BUY. SOMETHING. TO. APPEASE. SHOPAHOLIC. ADDICTION."

Kyle likes the item for the 2 mouth mods, background, and the word bubble. I'm sure he was thinking about runway options. You got us addicted. I'm going to be taking a break from it though.. Lack of inspiration.

I hate waiting on unemployment. Seems like it takes forever for it to be processed. And job hunting sucks, so time consuming. There are a lot of places that do online applications, so it might be possible to get extra out without needing to leave the apartment.
We're money crunched too, so buying gcash is a guilty pleasure that I shouldn't be doing at all. Sigh.
Lady RenStar Report | 08/28/2016 12:26 pm
Yes, I still have my chub for cuddles. Thank goodness she's so soft~
Floof is super luck to have you cuddling him wink

Dat hunger item is yummeh. I decided to pick up two, one to keep an one to sell.. Then Kyle saw it.. I didn't get to sell it -_- so I spent $11 for 25 during the great sale and bought/sold midnight snacks. Made 400b with one 10 pack~

You're right, the lack of green in sherbert is sad. But overall the vibrancy and shading is asthetically pleasing. Pastel Rainbow has been colored with both pure white and offwhite. Its hard to mix the two whites without the blaring difference (it's so easy to see on my phone and bugs me). Sherbert is made with offwhite only, so it matches the PRainbow/offwhite items. Hence why I sold all the PRainbow/pure white items (with the exception of Kakigori).
I want those Pin up legs so bad. I didn't have the gold when they were at 150b. Now they're all over 200b. No, just no. I did manage to buy the Twinkle Toes for 87b though.

Guh.. Runway. I won 2nd place in the Yoga last weekend and all the reviews said things like "pose is overdone, but nice colors." Which is funny 'cause Yoga has only made it through runway twice >>
Your avis are always so cute for each theme~ I need to learn from you.
Lady RenStar Report | 08/26/2016 10:51 am
Oh! We still have our inside chub (Ichigo). Mika (the one that passed) was our outside sweetheart.

Hmm.. When I look at my sherbert avi I see a fair amount of yellow and purple as well as the pink/blue. I agree that there is less orange/green, but I love the four prominent colors.

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