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Nemo Noctum

Report | 08/19/2014 6:37 am

Nemo Noctum

i'm glad you didn't either. those were the good old days lol emotion_yatta
Nemo Noctum

Report | 08/18/2014 6:55 am

Nemo Noctum

the dress is a deep purple plum color, knee length with some flowing material. it bunched slightly to the one side at the waist with a wide sloped neckline. For the back and shoulders its lace leaving a portion of my back bare and the lace looks lovely.

i do have pictures of Luther but they aren't uploaded anywhere yet. when they get up i'll let you know.

yea well it brings back wonderful memories, i remember that ear pulling specifically hehe
Nemo Noctum

Report | 08/17/2014 3:35 pm

Nemo Noctum

stare i do what i want...bleh razz rofl

i can't disagree with you forever being a kid, my dad is still a kid and his 55...there is no hope for you my dear.

Yep i do, i'm a bridesmaid so i got to choose my own dress just had to do the same color as the rest of the bridesmaids.
and yes i do have a cat, Luther is his name and he's a calm cuddler that is highly vocal

and oh my rofl can't believe you still have those xD
Nemo Noctum

Report | 08/17/2014 3:16 pm

Nemo Noctum

seems that way, i do have art pieces i still have to scan and upload to deviant art, just got to lazy to do it lol

at 22 you're still a youngster... stare

having patience with these kids is a completely different story then the normal kid. normal kids are a breeze now lol. but handling kids isn't everyone's strong suit.

only real exciting thing recently is a bought a house! and my brother's getting married this coming friday!

Report | 08/16/2014 10:57 am


hi Dear, I have been well smile studying too
in a journey of life discovery with my daughter
I am glad to hear you are good
Nemo Noctum

Report | 08/16/2014 6:20 am

Nemo Noctum

i'll certainly try, i may try and put more up on my deviant art...i've completely forgotten about that xD

gaia has become rather irritating...i have a far amount of gold but that still doesn't get me crap, and all this gold generators and stuff seriously screwed things up. the amount of gcash stuff is overdone. i just come on to rp mostly these days and maybe some items but the cheaper items these days or should be cheaper are horrendously high.

yes yes you are a youngster, i just turned 25 neutral

but yea i still work with kids, but over a year now...actually just over a year I wa promoted to a newly created position - program assistant/office support. i work more closely with the program director and coordinators now doing a lot of required paperwork and odds and ends. much better from the floor where i was getting beaten up and hurt all the time...I'm a lot happier now...much much happier. its still the same place just a different administrative part of it. i still do restraints though if needed and support the people still working directly with the kids.

I majored in Psychology myself, orginally I wanted to go into art, but then psychology got me interested in it and its broad and helpful with a number of things. i could never do any sort of economics...would fry my brain and make me go stupid confused rofl
Nemo Noctum

Report | 08/15/2014 3:54 pm

Nemo Noctum

hehe, i got a few, my family is helping pitch in for a DSLR camera pack that i found on sale by an instructor that is selling it. then i got a gift card to Teavana (a tea store)
i got no 'gaia' gifts if you were wondering at all lol. not a lot but the camera isn't cheap.

and oh my enjoy it while it lasts, i forget you are such a youngster. i'm already working full time and own my own house now.
college wasn't so bad for me, but our colleges could be very different too.

Report | 08/15/2014 1:24 pm


hey shdw!!!
hope all is well!! i saw your new pics on DA, keep it up girl!
Best wishes with everything.
Nemo Noctum

Report | 08/15/2014 5:09 am

Nemo Noctum

thank you shdw!

yes it has been a while, but i've been great! how have you been?

Report | 08/07/2014 11:47 pm


Well it's already been three weeks, this is going on my fourth lol.
I need a break... so this is hopefully my last week. I haven't been home enough
to spend any time with Thomas, and he's upset about it.