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Who am I? Hard question, I myself don't know who I am. I may be that nice, sweet and shy girl, but I could also be that mean, bitchy girl. All I know about myself is: I am me. Nobody else. I don't want to have the best of clothes to look the best, I don't need make-up to be beautiful, I don't need anyone or anything to be myself, I don't want to act fake, because I'm scared that one day, my secret will be revealed and everyone will leave me. Only thing I want to be me.

What you just have read,-or maybe haven't-, is one of the few things I write. I write fan-fictions, reader inserts, crack-fictions, whatever your mind can imagine. If you ever want to read my fan-fictions, please search V a n i l l e or FinalVanille on Quotev, you'll find me there. To the real me now, I like the colors red and turqouise the most, and I also love J-rock/pop. Anime is what I eat, drink, do and sleep, but most of all, I watch it. Ever want to fangirl/boy together? I'm always there! I love sweet and sour things, but I hate spicy things. I like drawing, I once drew Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. I dislike people that are all like 'I hate my body/life/whatever-else-they-hate.' Sorry, but if you have the time to talk/type about that, you can also have the time to do something against it. I don't care if I come off as a mean person now, because you can't judge me, and neither can I. I play alot of videogames... Ps3, ps4, wii, wii u... Call it all up, I will probably have it. Right now I'm playing Dark Souls II on my Ps3, and Final Fantasy Realm Reborn on my Ps4. Also, I like playing online, so, ever want to play something online? Please let me know, maybe we can play online together and become good friends? Also, don't be afraid to send me random friend requests, I love them! Oh, I also roleplay, but there are some... Rules I follow. 1. Grammar needs to be good, I don't mind little faults, even I make some mistakes, but no txt tlk plz. 2. I like descriptice roleplay, but that doesn't mean that it has to be descriptive. And 3. Please don't use a Mary-sue. I don't like those very much. Thank you for reading all this s**t! o3o

Oh. I'm a Muslim. I'm not ashamed to be one, I'm proud to be one. If people wish to ignore me because of that, I don't really care. I'm not the best Muslim of all, -like the saying goes 'there is always someone better than you'-, but I try to.

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