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☁ ~Yasu~Scorpio~Female~European~ ☁
hello im a little kawaii piece of weeaboo s**t
kawaii s**t, pink s**t, frilly things, kawaii things, gaming, anime, being a weeaboo, food, photography, oversized sweaters, acting cute, sweet candy, sour patches, pink cotton candy, chatting, kyary pamyu pamyu, gaaaaackt omg i love gakuto-sama, painting my nails, pastel colors, drawing anime, listening to music, roleplaying, final fantasy, cloud strife, zack fair, sefirosuuuuuuuu, yooouuuuu
people who dont accept other people because of their race, gender, sexuality, religion etc, okay i also don't like to drink milk ew, spicy food, i dont really like meat because idk, er okay bye

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☁ Yes, I do have some good grammar in this mind of mine. I just like typing like that. ☁

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Don't hurt my kouhai~ <33