A good natured joke between myself and a sexy friend turned into sexy art

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Current obsession: Fencing

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Book: Riddles of Epsilon
Phrase:Toe Rape!
Anime: Kaleido Star
Manga: Black Cat
Language: Spanish

Least Favorite:

Book: Flora Segunda
Word: Whatever
Phrase: ...
Anime: Naruto
Manga: Peach Girl
Language: Norse




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Report | 08/05/2012 3:53 pm


hey xp
Chibi Pierceye

Report | 12/09/2009 5:19 pm

Chibi Pierceye

That's just because I get bored. XP I actually found a really neat layering with the blue eyes from the Masquerade and the Nitemare Sash. The glow from the eyes goes THROUGH the sash, as depicted on my avi. XD
Chibi Pierceye

Report | 12/09/2009 10:22 am

Chibi Pierceye

I know...a piece of paper with fancy letters that you can barely read. >>;
Chibi Pierceye

Report | 12/09/2009 10:19 am

Chibi Pierceye

w00t, we'll have an art exchange! And it'll be amazing.

I agree. And it's really super frustrating. What sucks, though, is that everyone is looking for a "degree" when they hire people. When my mom was looking for a new job, they picked the fresh-out-of-college person with a degree instead of my mom, who has over 25 years of accounting experience! It was so ridiculous...but that piece of paper makes all the difference. >>;
Chibi Pierceye

Report | 12/09/2009 10:07 am

Chibi Pierceye

Thank you soooooo much! -bows- I'm almost there now!

It's a good one, and I think I want to draw avi art of it. Actually...yes, I will, as payment for the 10k!

Exactly! I mean, I love reading and all, but COME ON. It's not like I'm going to bring up the Feminist and Minimalist arguments for literature in daily conversation, or talk about how Baroque era music used extreme terraced dynamics. DX
Chibi Pierceye

Report | 12/09/2009 10:00 am

Chibi Pierceye

They're the romantic mauve glamorous pumps, but you don't have to get them for me! The cheapest one is 85k. ._.;

It's funny what can happen when you just mess around, eh?

I agree, dude. Like...we should learn from experiences. Sitting in a classroom reading a book teaches us the subject, but not the thing itself. Sure, we can read about the horrors of war, but we don't know it for real unless we actually experience it. It's one of those things. And I am so sick of analyzing things that I don't care about, studying things I don't need, and abiding by all these stupid rules (like MLA/APA format MY GOD) and if it's not perfect = FAIL. >>;
Chibi Pierceye

Report | 12/09/2009 9:50 am

Chibi Pierceye

Thanks. XP I'm just missing one item, and I've been waiting for a listing for it to appear in the Marketplace for weeks. Two have popped up now, and I'm racing to earn enough gold to buy this ONE ITEM. XD

I really do like the top of your avi. It looks great. <3

Ah...yes. It isn't easy trying to keep up with everything...it's difficult. And it sucks having your mom so far away. D= And...really, there are so many amazing things to learn and try and do in this world; why should we have to choose just one thing to focus on for the rest of our lives?
Chibi Pierceye

Report | 12/09/2009 9:41 am

Chibi Pierceye

You can do it! I have faith in you!

Ah...it's been rough. School has been just terrible, mom wants me to go back on meds. I work a lot, too.

How have you been?
Chibi Pierceye

Report | 12/09/2009 9:38 am

Chibi Pierceye

RICK ASTLEY PANTS. XD They look pretty good.
Chibi Pierceye

Report | 12/09/2009 9:16 am

Chibi Pierceye

I like that title. XP Let's see what all I can suggest...(I have to use Tektek for some help XD)

Pants--purple or green baseball pants; purple, teal, green, or pink Rainy Shorts; green Lovely Genie pants; violet mink pants; pearl hot pants

Skirts--there's a skirt pose or two from Jinxi's Charm that might work, but it's like 200k+; the skirt pose from the Toadstool; Tropical Sarong plus maybe some stockings; blue forbidden skirt


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