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I'm Ozzy.

- Gaia was the reason I started writing a book series in my teens, and it remains my life goal to finish them for all to love and hate. I'm still here for that, nostalgia and my friends.

- I'm quiet in real life, but with the right person and mood I can be very talkative. I’m on at least twice a day, so feel free. I respond quickly and find not responding to be very rude.

- On Gaia I mostly have conversations with friends, talk to random people in virtual spaces, come up with purple/black male base outfits, and maybe make a thread in Site Feedback.

- Outside of Gaia, I love writing, video games, conversation, thinking freely, non-annoying internet, porn, the Drunken Peasants, and listening to my music walking to and from work.

- I’m attracted to both sexes, but prefer males almost to the point of not even looking at females. I find the world lacking in expressing the male form just as beautiful as the female, and plan on balancing it out myself with male/male relationships in my books. Oh so many~

- I have a lot of unpopular opinions that sometimes make me feel isolated, but with the help of my best friends I try to understand that there really are people who feel just like I do. My Gaia friends have always been there for me in difficult times, and I am always there for them as well. If you yourself need someone to talk to, I'm here for you. Talk to me :{3

- I hate divisiveness, the concept of 'merit,' arguments from emotion, all hypes/fandoms/prides, and most human behavior in general. Life is just a ride and I’m not impressed by anything anymore, so all the things I listed just feel like wastes of time to me. Stop trying.

- I don't like using labels outside of 'person,' 'human' or people's names. I find labels pointlessly divisive; always leading to petty semantics and group think. I never use them to describe myself, and constantly facepalm at the world whenever I hear people use them instead of just ‘people.’ ******** labels. Especially the ones you like. Even those divide people.

- I don’t role play; I’d rather write my books than waste time improvising and pausing.

- If we don't talk enough or our personalities just don't fit, I'll simply remove you. Sorry.

- Oh, and my sex is male. Just like all my avatars and characters in games. I believe in embracing the sex you were born with; gender is bullshit. Anyone can like/dislike anything and wear whatever they want because clothing is just comfort. I hold to original self love.

- All my preferences and opinions are going in my books. And nothing will stop me. >:{3