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I'm Ozzy.

Many years ago, in June of 2004, I joined Gaia and created a little guy with purple hair. At the time I'd been playing a lot of RPGs, and them combined with Gaia made me want to create my own character. I gave him a name, a purpose and eventually a backstory.

In 2007, when I was a freshman in high school, I had an English assignment where we had to write a short story and were given complete freedom about what it could be about. I had enjoyed the small taste of creative release I got from designing a character on Gaia and many video games where character customization was a feature, so I decided mine would be centered around him; this time with focus.

Well, my short story ended up being much longer and more detailed than the minimum that was required. After spending hours finally pouring out what had been developing in my mind for three years, the release of finishing that story was the best thing I'd ever felt. Without a doubt in my mind, I knew that writing was for me.

Since then, I've been writing a book series based on that short story, and it has become my life goal to one day complete it as my magnum opus. And on that day, I'll remember how this all began: With a little guy with purple hair.

Some Facts About Me:
- I'm quiet in real life, but with the right person and mood I can be very talkative; especially online. Admittedly, Gaia helps me get some social interaction where I don't even try to get any for myself in the real world. That said, I'm open to talk to anyone about just about anything whenever I'm online, and I'm on at least twice a day. So feel free. I respond quickly; given I'm not misanthropic or tired from work.
- I don't do much on Gaia these days besides have PM conversations with friends, talk to random people in virtual spaces, and occasionally make an outfit.
- I don't like using labels outside of 'person,' 'human' or people's names. I find labels pointlessly divisive; too prone to semantics and group think. So ******** labels.
- I love writing, video games, conversation, reason, and both sexes (with a heavy lean toward males). I hate divisiveness, the concept of 'merit,' emotional arguments, all hypes/fandoms/prides, and most human behavior in general.
- I have a dog and a cat, who are probably my best friends in the world.
- I'm open to my good friends, but I'm not here for love. Especially not role play.
- If we don't talk enough or our personalities just don't fit, I'll remove you.
- Oh, and my sex is male. Just like all my avatars and characters in games~ :{D