Reino de España

    Nation Name → Reino de España (Kingdom of Spain)
    Human Name → Antonio Fernández Carriedo
    Age → 25 (appearance-wise)
    Capital → Madrid
    Language → Spanish
    Birthday → February 12th
    National Flower → Carnation

    Almost always seen wearing a happy smile, Spain is a lush kingdom in southern Europe who prides himself on his warm climate, plentiful sunshine, and bountiful nature. He has somewhat curly brown hair, green eyes, and lightly tanned skin.

    His personality is bright and optimistic, and he can be described, more or less, as a cheerful country bumpkin. He claims that the source of his happiness is the sun that shines over his land constantly. Despite this, it is said that he is very, very scary when angry, and that he sometimes comes off as insensitive and totally clueless. Spain also becomes sidetracked and enthused very easily.

    He used to be an extremely powerful nation who traveled around the world, but was then beat up by a young America, pirate England, and the Netherlands, sending him face first into poverty and wars, and stripping him of his super power status. But with his easy-going personality, he’s managed to get back on his feet over the years.

    His dishes consist mainly of tomatoes, tomatoes, and tomatoes, and sweets that are described as not being very sweet.

    OOC :
    Despite being a Spain, I do not ship Spamano and I won't roleplay it. Ever.
    I ship plenty of other things, however.

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