So Who thought I was never coming back??
Update! :
So I've been on a pretty long hiatus now but I'm back at least for a while. God knows how active I'll be but I'm planning on hitting up the forums and whatever else sounds fun. Pm me or something if you feel like hangin out with me in Towns or a Forum or what have you.
I Am:
-Middle class
-A guy who grew up with a lot of games
-Of above-average thinking capacity
-Of below-average Doing capacity.
(it's just the motivation I can't get down)
-Mildly Racist
(Not enough to discriminate, just enough to joke with stereotypes)
Nebraska. Where I come from though, we don't use our paper for writin' ;D
How Big am I?:
5'11'' and about 165lb. A good build to give awesome hugs.


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Mrs Redwolf

Report | 08/04/2011 8:55 am

Mrs Redwolf

Heyy Jake. o=
You know.. We haven't talked since like.. Forever.
but we've used to talk a lot..
And I was bored so I just scrolled through my friend's list and I was surprised to see your profile.
I didnt realize how much has changed.
I hope things get better.. and I hope you didnt go to Oxy Cotton or any of that stuff.
Preston, is your best friend, right? I remember you telling me he moved away but I think he can still help.
and I believe your senior year is this year. I think that should brighten up your spirits. :'D
Please have fun and good luck~

Report | 06/17/2011 4:49 pm


man you sound depressed hope things get better xp xp xp
Continent Asia

Report | 10/30/2010 10:45 pm

Continent Asia

Thanks for buying yo. ;I

Report | 10/24/2010 4:41 pm


Dr Scheisskopf

Report | 12/20/2009 6:58 pm

Dr Scheisskopf

Well your avi is pretty cool! way better than I could manage but I think if submited it people would be crappy to your submission.

Report | 11/19/2009 7:13 pm


Nahh i bought my own katana for 799k

Report | 11/18/2009 7:53 pm


Katana for coco+403k
Blood The God

Report | 11/03/2009 4:52 pm

Blood The God

kk ... hey bro im going to sleep Bye Good night
and Sweet Dreams
Blood The God

Report | 11/03/2009 4:40 pm

Blood The God

cool... im going to buy one gaia cash card tomorow
to make me rich xD
Blood The God

Report | 11/03/2009 4:25 pm

Blood The God

Thanks !! You want be my friend ?


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