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not all those who wander are lost.


i joined in '04. it's a lot different around here now.

i'm a licensed Aesthetician- ask me any skin questions you have.

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127/1000 Slate Boldurs
Every time a gold generator is bought or opened, inflation gets worse
and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named eats a kitten.

Say no to gold generators. Think of the kittens.
Sell me your paper and flowers!


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- M i a F a n t a s m a Report | 04/11/2014 11:01 am
- M i a F a n t a s m a
noooo thank you for taking the junk off my hands ; v;
Tears of the Sun Helios Report | 04/11/2014 12:03 am
Tears of the Sun Helios
hey there biggrin
saw your signature and noticed you want papers and flowers.
I got some if you want them you can have them 3nodding
Ebania Report | 04/09/2014 3:58 pm
Ahhh, that sucks. Yeah, many people have taken to selling old inks/bugs/etc. for a profit because of the inflated price. At least some oldbies/less wealthy individuals can keep up to some degree in that way.

But still. 3 trillion. It's mindblowing. I can't picture 3 trillion gold.
Ebania Report | 04/09/2014 3:54 pm
Jesus, well, you've got more willpower than me, so I applaud you for that. I'm sure you'll get them eventually. When the economy doesn't suck.

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Ebania Report | 04/09/2014 3:50 pm
Hahaha, for sure! What wings are you working on?
Ebania Report | 04/09/2014 3:46 pm
I definitely believe that.
Ebania Report | 04/09/2014 2:53 pm
You must think I'm a giant weirdo because I'm pretty sure I've tipped 3 trillion of your posts on inflation in Site Feedback/the GCD.

See what I did there.

Because... inflation.


But yeah, just... Keep party-rockin'. cool
Fire2night Report | 04/09/2014 12:43 pm
I just wanted to say your avatar is eye candy!! surprised

That's all smile
Environmental Unity Report | 04/08/2014 8:20 pm
Environmental Unity
ayyyy gurl how u doin wink

Also.... gonk I'm trying to see if I can understand this...(since you know all)...Is the MP about to hit 3trill?
l Rikka l Report | 04/07/2014 12:07 pm
l Rikka l
Especially when people are still buying items even if they're "overpriced."

So it doesn't really matter to begin with if someone lists a 30m item at 100m if someone else buys it. That just solidifies the value of it going for 100m. And if people undercut/lowered their listing, then venders would just swipe them up and sell them for higher anyway.

People have way too much gold because of gold generators and now buy everything they want, at mostly any price. ( I mean, the OMG hat is now going for 2B emotion_facepalm )

I see no point in arguing with people like her, though xD It just sucks that she's unable to see what you're saying. I get sick of hearing, "Sellers are greedy!" everywhere. Are we really greedy if people are still buying an item worth 30m for 100m? lol


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