azur/inigo || 18 || aquarius || owain enthusiast
my name is inigo
i was hacked about two years ago. you might recognize me. i dont care.

i like a lot of things, but mostly rpgs. whether thats the gun or the game genre doesnt matter, since i still like either. my current favorites are fire emblem, pokemon, legend of zelda, earthbound, etc.

laslow ( fire emblem fates ) <- MAIN
owain ( fire emblem awakening )
garry ( ib )
gerome ( fire emblem awakening ) WIP
hanzo shimada ( overwatch ) WIP

im a bit of a horror junkie, and ive read all of junji ito's works, and im a huge fan of rpgmaker horror games (excluding funamusea/mogeko)

anyway, heres me.
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