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you were sweet,
like milk and cream
but i was a coffee,
too bitter, too black
to ever mix with you


#sol for best upperclassman college freshman#
"The plethora of anaconda's searching for bun's in the jungle were quite mystifying, as a species that have been located in the jungle for as long as written records of their discovery, they were never even curious about buns before today." - Sol_Valentine


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gIoss Report | 01/02/2017 12:40 pm
overlord ols
lol i get so bored of avis so quick, i keep changing them but the budget is tightttt
i buy so many cheap rig and OLD items
im cluttered

lol are you still working on ur ghost thread?
gIoss Report | 01/01/2017 1:31 pm
maybe im born with it maybe it's m eé
Amazing. Wow. Good.
gIoss Report | 12/31/2016 8:33 am
feast your eyes and quell your thirst my child

this is some budget level stuff

ugugugu lol tyyyyy
Ingredients for Life Report | 12/14/2016 12:12 am
Ingredients for Life
i saw it
Ingredients for Life Report | 10/23/2016 10:37 pm
Ingredients for Life
yeah you should
i bet he'd get super giddy to see you
Ingredients for Life Report | 10/22/2016 10:23 pm
Ingredients for Life
y u have such cute items
Ingredients for Life Report | 10/20/2016 10:53 pm
Ingredients for Life
you got mail
gIoss Report | 08/25/2016 11:47 am
lol i usually search by colour
my brain will turn off once school starts and i need to focus on more important things
gIoss Report | 08/24/2016 10:31 pm
how to teach young grasshopper
lol idk?
know your colours, themes and balance?
know a lot of items and find cheap deals?
gIoss Report | 08/24/2016 8:04 pm
the avi is not completely balanced
so it bothers the bejeebers out of me


"you left you fridge open and someone took a sandwich"
- Kanye West, 2016 "Wolves"
face / insta / battlenet
ghosting thread


alensalsa forgot her password what a nerd