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Overwatch Tracer
misha coIIins
Mr Astros
Fallen Porno

21/F/Gay af/Short
4th year of college
Major in English, minor in humanities/writing
I'm trying to balance school with life and failing
I'm an awkward thing
I have a cute sheltie puppy that I adore
I'm always down for a chat

What I'm doing in life-
Reading: What Does the Fox Say? Go Get a Roomie
Writing: My senior sem :C cute scenarios
Drawing: nada
Games: LoL, OW, FE
League champs: Thresh and Hecarim mostly
(you can pm me for my user)
Overwatch: Mercy and Genji
(you can pm me for my user)
I also moderate for a youtube gamer but shes slowly coming off hiatus