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i come and go, i'm mostly here to post to forums when i'm bored or mess around with my profile.


music ++
genres: cloud rap, pop punk, post rock, spoken word
artists: turnover, clams casino, bombay bicycle club, crystal castles, balance & composure, and plenty others. you can find me on here.

manga/animu ++
anime: kotonoha no niwa, one-punch man, momo e no tegami
manga: one-punch man, kimi ni shika kikoenai, yotsubato. you can find me on myanimelist here.

videogames: hitman, sleeping dogs, portal, gta, a lot of ps2 games (jak II is bae)

more links: tumblr

hey, i'm bree! i live in a shitty little country town in ohio. i spend my days reading manga, jamming to music, or chillin' outside with my four kitties. i'm quite friendly so feel free to start up a convo with me! i often send novels to people if they bring up something i'm passionate about, you've been warned.




likes: music, manga, video games, doggos, bunnies, cacti, plants in general really

dislikes: loud noises, hiccups

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