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Report | 08/19/2014 11:19 pm

Geek Sama

What's the item called?
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Report | 08/19/2014 10:20 pm

Geek Sama

If you change your mind just let me know. redface
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Report | 08/19/2014 7:38 pm

Geek Sama

I can buy you that flower crown thing
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Report | 08/08/2014 12:18 pm


wanna dms with me? emotion_kirakira
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Report | 08/05/2014 8:29 pm


So you'll gather your gold and sit on it? Lol.
Don't/didn't spend much myself...mainly did because my mother would be like '50% MICHEAL'S COUPON. MUST. NOT. WASTE.'
Nah, not the breadwinner. It was just, when I was a little kid like you, I felt like that was the best thing to do. Wasn't I so mature?
Now I keep my own accounts for whatever needs to be done: general bills, insurance, etc.

Sisters are included in that etc., because I am an amazing sibling, of course. lol
2nd oldest kid with the responsibilities of the first, because of culture. Also, due to experiences and upbringing, I want to do right by my two little sisters (even if one of them is just 2 years younger)...
...so that if I ever go crazy and become evil like Hitler or something...well at least history can call me a good sibling. emotion_yatta

No on the gym. The office I work at has a fitness facility and a track. Gods...though it isn't as bad as a hospital or clinic, a gym is too gross.
Also, do you really see me as someone who'd do something that requires physical contact? lol

New song on your profile...isn't Binky cute? Almost cute enough that I about consider giving you my DA, however, not quite there.
Anyways, we know my musical tastes are a bit eclectic....so who are you favorite artists/genres, Binky?
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Report | 08/04/2014 9:37 pm


When I started actually keeping my money during my first job, I think I only spent it on art stuff.
At first, I would give my entire paychecks to my parents like a dutiful child.

Well, I haven't gotten one yet, because expenses wouldn't allow it—I manage my money well, kid. How else can I afford my sisters?
I want a large-sized Intuos, if I can, preferable a 4 or 5. Don't really care to go earlier than that.

I'll keep your offer in mind. Though I'll just probably make a simple 'i-make-pixels-bribe-me' type of post tbh
How much would you charge, Binky?

Calogero is one of my favorite artists, btw.
But for the most part, I'll listen to anything that's well-done. So genres, aren't absolutes for me.
Did like the fact you had a Monkey Majik song on your profile previously.
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Report | 08/03/2014 6:32 pm


Give me your link and I'll give you mine, kidlet. rofl

Aw...Binky is so cute. Probably the reason why you aren't super rich...item hoarder...but meh, I do it too.
Oh well you get a cookie for being a good kid.

Pixeling only happened because I didn't/don't have a tablet...and I dislike using rl materials to draw because they're expensive and messy...and usually not worth the trouble, unless I've something important in mind. Planning on buying one sooner than later though. Glad you want to get into the medium--it's fun.

As for the whole taking coms on a play site for fake money, random impulse. Lol. Was going to ask you to setup a page for a temp art shop for me, since the random message thing is starting to get annoying. But that would be too messy wouldn't it?

So after 30s, the song fitted my size two self well, then?XD
Here's some more music if you're interested. This one probably fits with your image of me better?
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Report | 08/03/2014 6:01 pm


Like with your VivaceNote? That thing's in the billions now. Lol.

No clue what 'op' means...but then again I'm an old geezer who has yet to catch up with your young people lingo.
Too bad you don't have a DA though. The community is friendly. I got it when Photobucket upgraded and started blurring my images.
Glad you appreciate my pixels; yeah, I've seriously gotten a better grasp of medium, as you can clearly see in those fun improvement memes:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
As for being able to afford it...the 1.5 bil was a I'm-bored-I-randomly-want-to-do-something price. Real pricing runs...well, we'll say I'm going along with inflation.
(I've seen worse than my old pixels go for and actually get bought at 5bil...so yeah)

Use GraphicsGale. A fun and legally free little program.

Just teetering on the edge of connoisseur/charlatan.

But honestly, did you expect me to listen to music/watch videos like that though?
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Report | 08/01/2014 11:09 am


Nope...not doing enough coms to be richer...just enough for a little extra goldz, in case I'm still around for birthdays.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Should charge more though...to make up for my laziness.
Anyways, does baby Binky have a DA? I'm on there more than I'm on here.
Feel like I wouldn't mind giving mine to you either, since it'll let me see how much Binky improved. ;p

Anime preferences...? Eh...I really am up for most things. Plot heavy is nice, and I do like mecha...but my taste just kind of run any which way(?)
I just don't care for anything meaningless, mindless and stupid; or poorly written and executed. However, stupid things are fine if they're done in a smart sort of way, if that makes sense? In general, I like things that are done smartly and purposely. Also, like things that are just pure adrenaline and/or absolute fun.
Take this song, for instance.
Not my usual genre, but all the minor nuances in the lyrics are pretty nice.

Nice to know you appreciate my Spartan-style of love. emotion_yatta
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Report | 07/25/2014 3:36 pm


To keep courtesy intact, I'll pass on the guild; don't much care to ruin a potentially fun experience for everyone.
Even if it is painfully similar, I won't slight her for it. People like what they like after all...took a gander at the member list and found many familiar names...not judging anyone...*coughs*Binky*coughs*
Though if you really want me to, I'll RP with you, Binky. Let's see how much you've grown up~
Well...as long as you don't go into territories I legitimately dislike. Also, depends on my online time...among other things. •_•;
Wouldn't mind going through zOMG with everyone though. We could do a boss quest day/smeb/coliseum. Or mess around DMS like n00bs, since I still haven't learned how tanking works.

And what's wrong with being bald? emotion_eyebrow
I rather like how this guy turned out; he almost looks like a real character. Would look better with Old Nikolas's coat on him. But that's about 5 bil. Too much, since I'm being nice and doing coms for only 1.5 bil.

The things that I've watched...whether or not I liked them or not, I really wouldn't suggest them to you, bratlina.
You are my bratling's age, you do remember; be it a few months older. Tammy is actually two days younger than her, I believe. XD
...probably the reason, why I tend to be nicer to you two, whether it seems it or not.
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Report | 07/20/2014 3:18 pm


Enough to do at least one donor's zomg cap?
How else do you think I had goldz back in the day?
Tiddy and crew were crazies though. ALL their mules were donor too. I miss SMEBBing. ;o;
I guess I adjusted my personality to fit the character for the situation. It seemed practical enough; I did it in the WGs, whenever I changed my avi.
Besides it gave me the luxury of RPing without people acting like MarySues...since Gaians are typically...well...horrible to each other. XD.
I guess Ji has always been Gaia-riche, since she did commissions and auctions. Tamtam too--though I have no clue how. As for Holly and Jen...how?

Not nearly as expensive as yours.

Never heard of that show. Looked it up a bit. Seems ok.
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Report | 07/20/2014 2:43 pm


Thanks, I hope she shows the same response.

She's a DA buddy of mine that I don't really interact with too much on here...since she is friends with one of my mules, who is more popular than this version of me actually.
Logic: If I don't go on this account much, I really don't go on my other ones.
More logic: The other account is more popular cause, it is a cute and derpy, loudmouth iam, who has a freebies thread. In case you were wondering why...seriously, people are nicer to my girls than my boys. lol

She probably is richer? She does have a rather nice giveaway thread going on. But the halo was probably gotten when they were released, since she's an older user.
Anyways, you're one to talk. I do believe you are probably richer than I am.

What are you up to right now, money-brat?
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Report | 07/20/2014 2:06 pm


Cotton-eye Joe is tired of pink: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Report | 06/25/2014 10:27 pm


All you need to know about accidents:
1) Keep calm.
2) Make sure everyone is alright.
3) Don't verbally claim the blame.
4) Insurance and ID should already be with you, so you shouldn't need to worry.

Third thing is rather important for you to know though, as callous as it is. People are people and will take advantage of a situation if they can.
Truthfully, getting rear-ended isn't always that safe...because if it's a semi hitting you...welp.
But yeah, accidents happen. Got hit in the back by a car that was hit by another car, while teaching my sister the finer details.
My friend got rear ended going to a convention...while cosplaying as a mudkip.
Poor, sick, baby Binky. Glad your better now.
What's wrong with salad? I would've thought you liked fresh produce. Anyways, what are you exactly, Binky? Persian? Just guessing that because all my Persian friends observed Ramadan...and they were well enough to go kayaking. lol
Not saying they didn't complain.
So no excuses now, eh?

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Report | 06/23/2014 9:42 am


Account jumping? Not really, just making sure I hit up everyone properly. I am polite enough.

Do you want me to accept it? rofl Cause it's like you say...I really not on enough for it to matter.
I think I had diaper rash once...sometime before the age of one? rolleyes
Pretty sure, there wasn't any after that. Mum stuck us on the toilet quickly. My baby sister is proof of that.
God, I remember potty-training that brat when she could barely walk, so the driving thing is weird to me. Just goes to show, I really am an old geezer.
And holly babble, I was so freaked out that she was going to either kill/maim us or wreck publicproperty/someone else's vehicle/my car.
You tweeny-boppers are too distracted to be on the road, as are ancient geezers and people who are too dumb to put their cellulars up while behind the wheel. My argument for people yelling to me about the dangers of skydiving is driving--my younger sister almost got killed two winter holidays ago by an idiot truck driver.
Glad you like gardening and hope you don't end up killing them. Not a sarcastic remark.

Damn...missing school for illness. Your parents are too soft on you. Then again, you are the baby of your household. rofl
I get the sickly thing. My baby sister is still a bit sickly for her age--I got rid of my weakness in early elementary...fun how our household has two pairs of set genetic amongst four children--but she's as fit as I am. Could probably really do a half-marathon with me, if she wasn't so lazy.
But if you want to join Jaebli, I can train you. ;D
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Report | 06/22/2014 8:44 pm


When I went on, I saw this and thought:
What the hell is this username wanting to friend me.

Of course. Binky will always be a baby with her chubby cheeks. Like Jaebli. Dropped that brat a line too.
Somehow, I always find myself surrounded by brats...though I'm glad that diaper rash is the most of your problems and that you are not obsessed with trying to spam me with videos of wiggling butts.
Very glad that you've found an hobby outside of the computer. Not surprised that it involves food. Lol.
Also, having fun on the road yet?
Taking my personal brat out in my car was the most frightening thing that I've done in life. Only time in life I've ever broken out in a cold sweat because of fear and I've jumped out of a plane before.
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Report | 06/15/2014 9:16 am

The Little Loon

I was on for at least a good ten minutes after my comment, so my delayed response was more your fault than mine. And to be clear, just the Brie has aged well enough to be upgraded to cheese. Baby Binky remains still a binky.
As for my hiatus and return, yes, summer doesn't mean as much to me as it does to you children, bratlina. Haven't been on because I felt no reason to go on....as much as I love you children and all that jazz. Honestly, I keep off the computer more than on it nowadays, since there's more going on outside the digital world than in it. Just went on because people wanted pixel stuff from here on my DA.

On that note though, Binky probably ought to be heading out more too. Go swim or something, child.

Anyways bratlina, I assume you've been well? You're usually one of the more chipper children. Non-angsty and Drama-free. Good kid. *patpat*
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Report | 06/14/2014 5:46 pm

The Little Loon

Since I've dropped a line to smoked Brie, I'll come and say hi to you too, bratlina~
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Report | 03/10/2014 6:34 pm

Geek Sama

Hey thur sexy
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Report | 03/03/2014 1:38 pm


so r u
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