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These people only talk to me because they like my socks

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Yugi Schiffer Report | 03/25/2017 8:17 pm
Chrome has a really odd way of dealing with "security measures" and it's hecks to get around.
Guide 2: Enabling or Disabling Flash on Chrome 56+
Shibu Mizaku Report | 03/21/2017 1:22 pm
Yeah, totally no idea why Chance would think that >_>;
Sahagin Report | 03/10/2017 6:53 pm
You'd be surprised I think with anything if you just stick with it you'll get better over time. Why don't you treat yourself to a tablet n' pen and see what you can do with it. You might surprise yourself!
I don't think we have renaissance fairs over here? And if we did I haven't heard nor seen one advertised sadly..
I couldn't get into Zomg the first time round, I don't think it was my cup of tea. I know a lot of people are excited for it though so I'll probably poke my head in and see what's going on.

I thought this captcha was pretty funny considering;
bigger in texas
Sahagin Report | 03/09/2017 10:15 pm
Haha, I love cheesecake, specially New York cheesecake, with strawberry sauce!
I can't imagine that turtles would do very much anyway, not the fastest of animals. I've had loads of pets growing up, mainly a lot of gerbils, had 2 giant African snails which was interesting.. now that's a pet that doesn't do much! Currently have 2 cats.
And I don't have any piercings or tattoos and honestly I don't think I'd ever get any, it's just not my thing to be honest.. not that I have anything against them, just not my style! You have a really big family, like.. really big! I only have a sister.
And I can't really think of an embarrassing moment, my brain is shutting down considering it is 6:15am.
Sahagin Report | 03/09/2017 9:29 pm
It kinda sounds like you've had a string of bad luck.. with your laptop and even being burgled? I hope you got compensated for that..
What programmes did you use for your art then, I'm assuming with the mention of a laptop all your work is also digital? I would like to go to a place where there's a lot of snow, it hardly ever snows in England, Southern England at least. We have really bizarre weather.
I recently came back after being away for 3 years, I needed to make some friends and I figured Gaia would be the best place to talk to people that share a common interest! Congratulations on becoming a mother by the way. Not particularly looking forward to moving to Texas?
My favourite colour is blue, neon blue, I like Neon colours a lot! Sweet potatoes are great but I'm not a huge veggie person, I have a big sweet tooth though! It's not the healthiest of choices..
And favourite thing to do on Gaia is actually really lame but.. posting absolute drivel in the Chatterbox, which has actually been very rewarding to me, I've met some great people there and even my ex, who happened to live near by, so we had like a 2.5-3 year relationship. I miss her more than anything..
I've returned to make friends for the time being and nothing more. Although I've probably mentioned that a lot at this point.
Sahagin Report | 03/09/2017 8:47 pm
Of course! It's just such a broad question I wouldn't know where to start!
Hobbies would include art and gaming. Art is something that I've been on and off and sadly neglected a lot, which I regret. As of recently I've been trying to get back into it, finding and making friends on Gaia that share a similar interest has really helped out. I enjoy sketching user created characters, so many different ideas, makes for fun drawing material in my opinion!
I can't really say much about gaming because I feel it's one of those subjects.. But I do a lot of stuff on my PC, so through steam, some of my favourites would include Team fortress 2, Warframe and Grand theft Auto 5.
I was born and raised in London, So I have that generic British thing going on, tea, crumpets, sarcasm, all that nonsense! Haven't moved but would like to. As cheesy and cliche as this sounds I'd like to find someone I could live/travel with, I've always liked the idea of sharing life rather than being a solo act.
I think you for asking, I know i mentioned it on my profile. Truth be told I suck at talking about myself, I figured it would be a golden opportunity to get some practise in.
So give me a run down about you then? Where are you from? What do you like?
Sahagin Report | 03/09/2017 8:07 pm
Hey! Nice to meet you.
What would you like to know?
Chance the Risktaker Report | 03/09/2017 4:57 pm
Woot! gaia_diamond
I have a few level 50 kin. The grinds can be a little long.
Now you can earn more stuff! 3nodding
Chance the Risktaker Report | 03/09/2017 4:36 pm
Hiss! Don't make me knead you for hours! cat_scream

Posting, like in the forums, like in the Chatterbox or whatnot. Or on my private profile. Oh, I guess I don't need to say anymore. Carry on. cat_xd
Chance the Risktaker Report | 03/09/2017 4:07 pm
Try grinding harder, until it feels like nails on a chalkboard! scream
I don't know. xd
I generally grind on Lake Kindred when I have nothing better to do, like waiting or riding the bus. I do agree, it gets really boring.
Maybe your energy can be better spent poking around and posting on Gaia? ( and don't think about poking me! )



I am a fun person and quite a flirt. I like to post in freebie art forums and used to be an avid zOMG! player. That is how I meet people on Gaia. Supper happy the game is coming back! Was on a year hiatus due to my son being born, but I am back and ready to get into action again!

"The cows laugh, as man jumps over the moon. Where has your little dog gone? To the pound to be put down. Not everything ends as happy like it used to."

~I am skilled in the art of flippant sarcasm, so if you think you can troll this troll, you have another thing coming.
~I love cooking. Mostly pies and other such yummies. Also pasta.
~Yes, I am over 18, but that DOES NOT mean I cyber.
~I enjoy educated and adult conversations, and my mom is a nurse so my medical knowledge is somewhat up to date and accurate.

~I love music ( who doesn't?) and i like almost all different kinds.
~I am, indeed, a girl. And I LOVE YOU FOREVEH if you make me art.
~I have a lot of pets, and i love animals. I have 2 turtles, 5 cats, a dog, and a little brother (wait, he counts as a pet right?).
~I am bi, and I am proud. I am with one of the most amazing people in my life right now, and none of you sweet talking nooblets will swoon me to think otherwise.
~I love being nude. I don't like clothes because when you wear them, you have the ability to hide, and I don't like to hide anything. Which brings me to my next point: I am a very open person. You ask me something and i will answer it truthfully (so don't ask if you don't wana know).
~I don't really eat red meat. Not because i give a dam about cows or pigs, but because I don't like the taste of most cooked meat. I do like seafood and sushi though. Oh and I don't like onions.
~I am half French, 1/4 Spanish, 1/4 Mexican But I grew up in the USA.
~I love halloween!
~Tattoos and ear piercings: I haz them. Two tattoos and eight piercings (all in my ears)
~I have one son, who was born on st. Patrick's day. He is my life.


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