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Birthday: 04/15

A little bit about me, no more no less.

Hello there, the name's Sydney (Shishi for some)
I'm currently 20 year's old and am just you unusual, unnatural, Imaginative Woman who loves cats.

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As for now I'm studying in the Fashion industry to become a 'Buyer' since I love putting outfits together and being able to show my creative side. I have other hobbies such as drawing, dancing and singing, but fashion tends to show much more than some. Hopefully after succeeding in my career I'll be able to travel and explore other Countries and States in adventure, as well as for retirement. I've always loved being outside as well as discovering new objectives and areas. Right now I live in the U.S (North Carolina to be exact) so I've pretty much been stuck where I've been since I was born. So there's another reason for my need of travel. If you cannot tell by my name, yes I am an 'Anime Nerd' or however you wish to call me, as well as a 'Gamer girl'. Also a 'Neko' because of my love for Fish and Milk and my obsession for anything cat like or cat related.

Hm...Seems like that's about it for now. If you wish to know more about me don't hesitate to find me roaming around. Will usually be in Towns 2 and or zOMG, I don't mind getting a PM every now and then either.

Shinda Koibito
Kage ritchi o
Illus Morphus
FreckIed Jesus
Namene Kuzunoha
Spider Dark Lord
Kahun Howls
speed of darkness

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