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A Day in the Life

I'm starting to use Gaia as a source of blogging. Positive feedback doe.


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Basic Info:

~ I'm 17, soon to be 18 (March 23rd)

~ I write a lot, not that anyone's interested in my little creations, but I will try and post some on my journal for you to see if you'd like.

~ I love! love! love! seafood. I spend my weekends at Red Lobster which is why I'm poor.

~ I don't really see myself using this site to much longer but it holds some of my best memories with people so why not stay a little longer. I'll try to be on more.

~ I'm a blue eyed, blonde haired comedian, I like to make people laugh. c:

~ I care a lot. this is probably a flaw since people can be very cruel sometimes. Still, I try and see the best in people because I'm extremely sensitive.

~ I love animals, like most people.

~ I have best friends, like, my dogs. I'll post some pics later.

~ I'm obsessed with American Horror Story, Workaholics, and The Walking Dead

~ I've changed a lot over the last couple years. Which is why I feel like such a loser being on this website still.


I don't know what I'm accomplishing by coming back to Gaia, maybe it's meant to be. Either way I don't see it as permanent but like I said I've met some funny...nice people. I'll stay a little longer and enjoy what I can. Thank you. c: If there's anything else I didn't cover and you'd like to know message me. I'm very easy to talk to.