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Hello there! I‘m Luce (pronounced like "loose") and I appreciate the time you give me as you look at my profile {bonus points to those who read all my about me!) and get to know me ^O^

Well, to start off I have been a member since 10 so I’m actually not that old, but I do know my way around Gaia pretty well, so ask my questions if you have them. I have luckily never had much trouble with this site except with all the inflation, I feel really bad for new gaians starting TOT. Guess I should tell you more about me~

~NAME:If you watch GOOD anime you will understand, nuff said. (Rurouni Kenshin)

~AGE: (19 yrs old) Freshie in College.

~GENDER: Female irl but i do both male and female avies on here

~MUSIC: I’m a have a music addiction, I can’t live without dubstep, pop, alternative, and SO MUH MORE. My biggest pride is my Vocaloid love. Wanna share a song? Send a pm >///<

~BOOKS: mangaaaaaa *drool * (and mystery + action) Wanna know what I read? Send a pm too.

~SLEEP & FOOD:Wait…wah O~O? I sleep a lot, and eat a lot, but don’t cook a lot. I love Asian food! My favorite food is probably the ramen in my kitchen *stomach growl *

~ART: I do own a DA (link in top menu) but I rarely go on anymore. I have way more than art than I could ever be blessed to receive ; w ; bc so may kind people have drawn me. Art Gallery

~TALENTS: I can fail better than you at running and any other sport OAO, except at badminton. I have played viola in my school orchestra for 7 years. I can sing. kinda. I play golf. I can eat an excessive amount of Japanese/Chinese food.

~COSPLAY:I love doing cosplay, sadly my allowance does not allow for the creation of that many, but I do have a few. I have a steampunk outfit. I have a Mikuo Hatsune (miku hatsune boy version) & Miku Hatsune cosplay and a Hetalia Denmark cosplay.

That was pretty long and if you read it all you are the love of my life…maybe… just don’t expect a kiss though, a cookie ok instead?


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