♄ A peek into life ♄

The light scorches my skin.
Darkness is my home

♅ who am i ♅

♅♃ Aiden ♃♅

Name is Aiden.
Aiden is 20 years old.
Aiden does not need or want new friends.
Don't try to befriend Aiden.
Aiden has an obsession with Ferrets.
She also loves trolling and being an obnoxious c**t.
My relationship is none of your business[?]
Please ******** off.

I'm not too Social or trusting. I choose my company carefully. I often show my immature childish side around family and friends. I'm usually an uptight snotty little b***h. I'd rather not get involved with drama on the internet. Everyone wants to be right. I do not like being taken advantaged of, or used by anyone. I wouldn't recommending adding me, I highly doubt i'll remember you or care. Please respect me and my friends as you would respect your loved ones or yourself.

Married to the Wife Aly. She's really sweet, she's really caring. She's so adorable and all mine. She wears the pants in our relationship obviously. Because Although I'm a b***h, "When Daddy says no, no means no". But in all honestly, She's a really sweet person. Wouldn't trade her for anything except a glazed honeybun. She always tries to make me smile and forces me not to cry when I want too. She's a great friend!

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