♆ Orgasmic Moan♆

You can call me Aiden, although my real name is Helena.
(Please call me Aiden. I prefer it.)
I'm currently Nineteen (19) As I've recently attended College as veterinary biologist, to major in animal care.
I'm from San Juan, Puerto Rico, as I currently reside in Philadelphia, PA. My ethnic background is Dominican & Puerto Rican.
I struggle with trusting new comers, as I do know that giving chances are important as I would want people to do the same for me.
Don't ever feel intimidated by me or feel as though you cannot ask me anything, I am not as rude as people believe I am.

I am currently Single, although someone does hold my heart.
I am a huge gamer freak. I play Skyrim, Call of Duty, Dynasty warriors, ect.
I own a PS3, PS4, kik, skype, Viber, Snapchat, Facebook. However you will not get these until we are established as friends.

Because of bad experience and horrible Dilemma's with my exes, and a lot of drama from hateful people such as trolls and spammers- my communication is blocked. You won't be able to Private message me, Comment me, or add me, unless you are on my friends list. I'm really fragile, as i do try to speak my mind. It is very hard for me to get close to people, because everyone I have ever loved either relatively or emotional wise, has abandoned me, or destroyed the void.

Please do not come into my life Part-time. I don't want you unless you are Full-time.

I have 7 best friends in this entire world I would do anything for. Riley, Rae, Sarah, Mary, Danny, Mandi and Ari. Please respect them, as you would want me to respect you and your friends. I am very polite and kind, but if you ever somehow get on their bad side, or disrupt the natural balance of their feelings, I will disrupt the natural balance of your self esteem.

Knowing just a small part of my life will hopefully let you see the real me, and not let other people's words portray me as something else.




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