Aly The Husband

I am Currently in the most lovable but abusive marriage of my life with this Muffin cake. She's really sweet, very kind and humorous. She's a delightful little ball of sunshine but she is also Satans little puppet. I love her energy and her very spiteful will to bluntly curse people out. She's extremely adorkable, and insane. She also wears the pants in this marriage obviously.

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♅♃ Aiden ♃♅

Welcome, my name is Aiden. I'm currently 20. Not much to be said about me. I sometimes enter rallies and afk. I play league RARELY now. I never play Summoners Rift. Too much work. I've invested most of my time into Steam games. You can catch me playing anything from DayZ, H1Z1, to marvel Heros or don't starve together. I've spent majority of my time playing with my best friend Avery, and my potential love interest Alex. Neither of them have a gaia. I do intend to keep it that way. My online life is separate from my personal life. And although they are both online, I actually talk to these people rather than their pixels and through emotionally dressed avatars.

Please keep your drama to yourself. Keep your v****a away from Alex, and keep your meat sacks away from me. I am considering a Hiatus in the ending time of the summer.

Married to the Wife Aly. She's really sweet, heart warming and humorous. I enjoy her communication and her amazing talent of Sarcasm. She's really unique and genuine towards others. Her personality is the complete opposite of mines which makes this work.

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