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Location: Canada, eh?

Occupation: Whimsical Water Buffalo

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Hello all~

The name's Brandy - or Obee, Dito...whatever you'd like to call me.

I currently reside in Canada.

I enjoy books, writing, soft blankets, music of a wide variety, cuddles, and friendly people.

I dislike many things, mainly stuff that's people related....oh, and mushrooms.

I KINDA game, but not really? I'm more of a lone wolf gamer - anything that isn't super competitive and that I can relax with is great.

You can usually find me in CB. I do vocaroos late at night when my filter is almost non-existent, so watch out for those.

Random messages are always appreciated~

If you can make me laugh, I shall give you hugs and love.

If you feel so inclined to add me to your friends list, just know that I WILL NOT accept unless we have talked for a while. I don't like adding people and never talking to them...waste of space, it is. If this happens, expect to be removed (sorry~!)

Notable people:
Greg too, I guess... <33
Thank you all for being so lovely <3



Undertale OST - Undertale (Extended)


I do the Tumblr thing.